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August 5, 2007

Love is in the air!

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Francesca has received invitations to not one but two weddings in the next few weeks!

What will she wear?

Perhaps this glitter sheath, an attractive alternative to the Little Black Dress. Francesca is tired of wearing black! And see how the jacket hides the lumpy-squishies?

Perhaps in this outfit Francesca will meet the handsome friend-of-the-groom, and he will see that her personality sparkles even more dazzlingly than the dress and jacket,  and he will spend the next three days thinking of nothing and no one but Francesca, while Francesca goes on her merry way, not thinking about him at all, not even once, because Francesca is busy glittering and dazzling. And then, overcome by his yearning for Francesca, the charming friend-of-the-groom will call his friend, the groom, interrupting him on his honeymoon, and say “I must have the phone number of Francesca!” And he will call me, and I will say “who is this? Oh, yes, yes, of course I remember you.” And then the friend-of-the-groom will take Francesca out on a dinner date, to which she might wear this:


And then they will get married and have babies and live happily ever after.

Happy shopping!

xoxo, Francesca

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