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September 6, 2007

The Big Question

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Francesca and Plumcake want to know:

What makes you a great catch? What do you have to offer in a relationship?

Francesca says: I’m a great catch because I am witty and wise. I do not mind doing laundry. I am good at photography and will never cut a man’s head out of a picture. I am willing to work hard and make compromises to make a relationship work. Francesca is sensitive and smart and a good conversationalist and empathetic and giving. She is almost always smiling. It takes little to please her. She is not as materialistic as one might think given her terrific taste in clothing! Francesca likes her own company and does not need to be entertained or constantly propped up emotionally. She is good with children and a superfantastic role model. She is mature enough to take responsibility for her own flaws while having patience for those of others. Francesca can edit or proofread a man’s writing so that he always looks good in his correspondence! I can make a romantic 3-course meal in under 2 hours. I am resourceful, men’s moms typically like me a lot, and Francesca (usually) spends within her means! She is one awesome lady!

Plumcake says:  I wouldn’t know. I’ve never thought that being dead on a dinner plate sounded like that good a deal.

What about you?


  1. I am funny. I can laugh at myself, at life, at the foibles of the world and at the silly parts of you without losing sight of the strengths and positive sides of all of us as well.

    I’m quick with a pun and an apt quote, but I know that sometimes it’s best not to use either and to just listen.

    I’m opinionated, but I’m open-minded. I don’t have to agree with you to respect you.

    I have a low tolerance for bull and drama-mongering, but nearly endless patience with someone facing a real problem. My shoulders are stronger than they look and super-absorbant, besides.

    I’m a damn good cook with a gift for pie crust and moist turkey. I am godlike in that regard. I can also take an ’empty’ pantry and create a good meal in short order. From a fabulous feast of fat things to a diabetic diet meal that doesn’t disappoint the palate, I can make it and make it quickly. Carnivore to vegan, I can feed you well. And I look good doing it.

    I will expect your support and quite possibly ask your advice in a difficult situation, but I fight my own battles. I will not expect you to do it for me. I will have your back, too.

    I know at least a little bit about a wide variety of topics and am good at finding reasonably worthy questions about topics I’m unfamiliar with. I can talk intelligently to your friends and your boss and your mother about things that interest them. I am unafraid to meet new people and enter new social situations. I’m always looking to learn a bit more.

    I am open and demonstrative in my affections. You will never have to question where you stand with me.

    I approach most things in life from a quirky, whimsical angle. I’m good company for me and for others. Small children and cats tend to trust me on sight.

    I’m a hell of a catch…except that I’m already taken.

    But if you’re in the market for a friend, you could do a lot worse.

    Comment by Twistie — September 6, 2007 @ 1:48 pm

  2. I am smart, passionate and a great cook. I love sports and can discuss offensive line play and bat speed with authority. I have great hair. I’m unpredictable. I’m a feminist. I’m also married, but this was a good exercise!

    Comment by Abigail — September 6, 2007 @ 5:29 pm

  3. Absorbent shoulders…too funny!

    I have yet to find love and have been thinking about this. Check me out:

    I’m smart and witty and seriously laid-back. I’m independent, widely read, and insatiably curious about everything. When you talk, I listen. I’m quirky and charming and always up for a random adventure. I’m secure in myself and low-maintenance. I’m very direct and straightforward in my communications and don’t play silly, passive-aggressive girl games.
    I’m a generous, forgiving, doggedly loyal friend and companion. I’m beautiful, sexy, and funny. Classy enough to take anywhere and meet anyone, I have been complimented on my regal grace. But, I adore guys being guys–dirty jokes, goofiness and all. Your mother/boss/friends will love me. Then, I’ll cook and they’ll love me even more. I love kids and animals. I make a beautiful, warm, welcoming home and love to share it with people. It would make me happy to make sandwiches and stuff for you and your friends on football/poker night, then leave the house and go to the movies alone.

    Let’s all cross fingers that the hot date this weekend sees these things without having to be handed this as a memo.

    Comment by Sara — September 7, 2007 @ 2:12 pm

  4. Wow – well, from my small scientific sample of current husband and recalled comments from former boyfriends:
    Great eyes, nice ears, good bustline, well developed legs (this from a guy who seemed to have a fetish for women actually posessing ankles), well developed rearend. Like to do stuff with guys – like bike riding, lifting weights, carpentry, wrecking out houses. Have no fear of electric tools. Willing to throw myself into learning new, dangerous or messy stuff. Also like to dress up(I seem to be every males fantasy of Mrs. Cleaver). I also seem to know how to make dishes that guys recall with a certain amount of nostalgia. oh, yes – I like to make people laugh.

    Comment by Toby Wollin — September 7, 2007 @ 4:08 pm

  5. I am a great catch because, though I am very opinionated and can be pretty damn blunt, kindness takes precedence over making my point (well, most of the time!). I have a horror of making anyone feel foolish. I am educated and widely read, but I also know how much I don’t know.

    With the exception of obvious barbarities, I assume good intentions and goodwill even among those whose ideas or behavior I find repellent or destructive. But I nonetheless believe that good and evil are real.

    I’ll go out of my way for anyone, anytime, and be glad of the chance to do it. I’m patient and loyal and a great listener.

    I believe everyone has the right to be taken seriously. I understand that, with the exception of a few great saints, there are no simple people. I never mock anyone, ever.

    And, even though I am L.A.-born and -bred, I am the least visually oriented person in the world, so I honest-to-God don’t care about looks — mine, yours or anybody’s.

    Great question!

    Comment by Bridey — September 7, 2007 @ 6:22 pm

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