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September 16, 2007

This Belated Week in Fat Blogging

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The lovely and talented Francesca has handed over her round-up duties to me this week and so with fear and trembling (and a large piece of coconut cake which is disappointingly free of any actual coconutical flavor) I present unto you: This Week in Fat Blogging.

The Beauties at Big Fat Deal get all Ghost World on our collective cans with a graphic zine about what it’s like to be a fat girl and the trailer to an excellent doc about the various and sundry ways fashion magazines monkey with the minds of young girls.

Fashionista; Size 14 shows us a few of her favorite things in this season’s smoke and graphite hues. I NEED those Linea Paolo pumps.

Full Figure Plus explains why auto companies think most Americans are too fat to drive.

Passionate about Plus Size reminds us that skinny people can be miserable too.

Plus Size Clothing Scoop gets supportive with some inside info on bra sales.

The Rotund goes deep on us “Fat is not a barrier to exercise. The social institution of fat hatred is.”

Finally, Too Fat for Fashion asks “Will Success Spoil Beth Ditto?”

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