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October 1, 2007

Apples to Apples: Francesca responds to Emanuelle, part 2

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Emanuelle’s cry for help is here, with responses from our many internet friends!

Part One of Francesca’s response here.

Part Two of our advice for women of the Apple shape, with large breasts, large tummy, and small hips:

Dear Emanuelle,

Here are some more tips for you and other Apple-shaped sisters:

  • have a collection of long-ish necklaces in different lengths (some ending at or just above your breasts, some hanging between them) since this will help bring attention to places you want. Also longer necklaces will help elongate your body.
  • avoid shiny clothing
  • avoid tops which end at the waist or on the tummy: go for looks that end at the hips (but not far below the hips, since this will look frumpy)
  • Regarding dresses and skirts, Francesca’s tips are to wear skirts that come just below the knee (to accentuate the lovely calves which Emanuelle is likely to have)
  • do not wear large prints, such as huge flowers or wide stripes or big plaids. Keep prints small and very dainty, especially since you are but 5’5″ (only a little bit taller than Francesca!)
  • wearing a dress that is all one color, or a blouse and skirt whose colors match perfectly, will help elongate your body. However do not be afraid to mix and match colors as long as the items go together tastefully.

Now, we come to the issue of your location. Francesca spends much time abroad, and is well aware of the two-pronged problem: The difficulty of finding plus-size clothing in Europe, and the non-cosmopolitan nature of many American retailers’ shipping policies. Before ordering, check into the customs regulations in your country, so as to avoid being charged exhorbitant taxes upon the arrival of your pretty clothes! It is usually best to find or make a friend in the United States who can accept the shipments for you and then mail you the clothing in an unmarked box. It may be helpful to undo any packaging and take off labels so that the clothing are no longer “new,” as some countries do not charge customs on “used” clothing. Above all, always pay for super-duper trace-able shipping, as packages have a way of getting lost on their journey over the Pond.

Happy shopping!

You are superfantastic!

xoxo, Francesca


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