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October 4, 2007

Review Revue: Igigi Camilla top and Michelle Godet skirt

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As Plumcake explained so succinctly a few days ago, we were asked by IGIGI to choose clothing from their collection to review. In the interest of credibility, Francesca wishes to emphasize to readers that after reviewing the clothes, Plumcake and I have the option of sending them back or buying them. No free clothes for us! The little angel on Francesca’s shoulder is saying “Peace be unto those whose opinions are not influenced by free clothing.” The devil on Francesca’s other shoulder is saying “Dammit.”

Anyhow, Francesca was happy to have an excuse to try on Igigi’s Camilla top in black/teal and the matching Michelle Godet skirt, both of which are on sale:

Francesca will start with the skirt.

First thought upon opening the package: “Oh my, this is gorgeous! It is wispy and pleated and lovely. Hm. I would have preferred the lining to be satin or silk, but it is such a great color and works fine here. I also would have preferred the mesh overlay to be made out of material that is softer and more flowy, but I just love these pleats. If it looks as good on me as it looks out of the package, I’d give it an A- and keep it for sure.”

Second thought, upon trying it on: “Oh, boy, did we make a sizing error. I gave my waist measurement to the marketing lady who helped me pick the outfit, but in choosing the size she seems to have forgotten that this skirt has an elastic waistband! It is falling off of me! But here, I can pin it in order to see what it would look like if it were a smaller size. Oh, it is nice. I must suggest to readers that they ‘size down’ on this one if they order it.”

Third thought: “This skirt is designed to end just below the knee, but it is not made for petite sizes. Therefore it falls below my calves. However, it looks fine that way, as if that’s the way it’s supposed to be. I really like it. So wispy! So feminine!”

Bottom line: Pending my attachment to the top, and with the caveat that the material gets a B+ rather than an A, I would certainly buy this skirt, but I’d want it in a smaller size, or I’ll have it taken in.

Now for the top:

First thought, upon taking it out of the package: “This is also very pretty! Hm, I feel the same way about the material on this one. I would prefer that rather than use a teal-and-black print material, they use a teal lining with real lace overlay. And I find the mesh sleeves to be a little scratchy. But I have to say it does look exactly like in the photographs at the Igigi site, and is colorful and incredibly feminine.”

Second thought, upon trying it on: “Damn, too small! Major love handle situation happening here. We must ‘size up’ on the top.”

Third thought: “These sleeves would look great if I didn’t have lumpy-squishy arms. I’d also need to buy a strapless bra. But I love the vertical lines, which have the same effect as princess seams. This is a very good look for an Apple like me. And I never knew that this shape neckline would work for me; that’s nice to know.”

Bottom line: Francesca is seriously considering buying this top in a larger size, and having the sleeves replaced with black lace, which would hide my upper-arm lumpy-squishies better. The not-quite-as-great-as-I’d-hope-but-almost quality of the material is made up for by the truly elegant, feminine style.


  1. I just love that skirt. I’m more pear-shaped, but I think if I got the size right, it would be versatile for just about any body shape.

    The top is nice too. It’s a little bit too ornate for me personally, but the seams do look very flattering. And you’re right–square necklines can be difficult to pull off. But I think the striking contrast between the mesh sleeves and the teal “camisole” piece are what really makes this work. Another thing I like about the top is it seems very versatile. It’s perfect and dressy paired with the skirt, but it also looks like you could glam it up with jeans and heels for a fabulous night out.

    One note of caution about sheer/revealing material like the sleeves here, though. Sheer, translucent fabric is meant to be skimming and graceful, not tight and constricting. I’ve tried on mesh tops with sleeves that were too small, and it looked like my slightly-squishy arms were trying to burst out of some sort of horrible net of death! If you’re ever in doubt about anything sheer or translucent, sizing up isn’t a bad idea.

    Comment by T — October 4, 2007 @ 2:03 pm

  2. WHAT!? Did I just read that the Francesca does NOT own a strapless bra? How did she make it through the summer…. or the spring… or any season before the current one? I own two convertible bras, one nude, one black, and wear them strapless almost all the time. I am a 38 DD having recently lost some weight from being a 38 DDD and I live by my strapless bras. Go, run, do not walk, to the nearest independent bra shop and get fitted for a great strapless bra. You will never look back!

    Comment by Rebecca — October 4, 2007 @ 6:57 pm

  3. I found your blog via Google while searching for sheer tight tops and your post regarding Manolo for the Big Girl! looks very interesting to me. Just wanted to drop a note to let you know what a great site you have. It is a great resource and a great place to drop by.

    Comment by Nico — July 24, 2008 @ 12:31 pm

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