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October 5, 2007

The Week in Fat Blogging

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Big Fat Deal asks how fat people would like skinny ones to relate to them, and how to make room (ha!) for skinny people in the “body acceptance” world. She also links to this great “Illustrated BMI categories” site to show that what “obese” looks like in reality.

In Francesca’s experience, Plus Size Clothing Scoop really does often have the scoop! Wonderful blog! Here they post a video about the Walk the Catwalk campaign to bring more plus-size models to the mainstream fashion industry! Also blogged: New lingerie collections at Avenue, video from Miss Full Figured New York pageant 2007, and a suggestion of where to purchase large-size halloween costumes. Francesca says: Don’t wear anything you would not want your boss to see if he/she shows up at the Halloween party! Eek!

As long as you are watching videos about media and beauty, you must hop over to Kate Harding’s post, with a video promoting the “Campaign for Real Beauty.” Then read her response to an MSNBC article which suggests that women be really careful about what they eat when they watch tv with their boyfriends. It is an article which makes Francesca want to say “I would rather be fat than be a person who deliberately watches shows that bore me just so that I won’t get so into the tv show that I engage in mindless eating.” Go read what Kate has to say.

It must be “complain about the media week,” because Francesca now sees that The Rotund, also, has not one but two posts on the topic, here and here. Don’t hold back, Rotundanita! Tell us how you really feel! We love you! Sing it, sister!

Pretty Pear has two new posts worth looking at if you are in the market for a new coat or jacket.  Sale code to Kiyonna!

Fat Chic encourages us fat girls to keep a positive view of dating, asks whether our cluttered bodies and our cluttered homes might be related,  and suggests a variety of products for extending the life and utility of one’s bras.

Speaking of bras, our male blogging friend at Full Figure Plus cannot figure out why anyone would wear a shelf bra,  and alerts us to various sales and sale codes. Thanks, Full Figure Plus!

Passionate About Plus Sizes is one of several bloggers hailing the return of Igigi’s “Satin Dreams” gown, now in black.

Happy weekend and happy internet surfing!




  1. This list of sites – and this blog in particular – are SUCH great alternatives to women’s magazines. You don’t know how I appreciate that you do not condescend to fat people, you don’t put other women don’t, and you don’t push the idea that women are at their best when men approve of them. Why would ANY woman, much less a fat woman, read Glamour when we’ve got Manolo for the Big Girl? *grin*

    Comment by The Rotund — October 5, 2007 @ 11:37 am

  2. WTF? What the guy at FFP is talking about is a demi bra, not shelf bra. No one will ever take away my wonderful camis!

    Comment by Ms. Berry — October 7, 2007 @ 12:26 pm

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