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October 13, 2007

The Week in Fat Blogging

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The Rotund takes time out of her honeymoon (congratulations, Rotund!) to answer two trolly-commenters who had such outrageously negative things to say about fat that they were funny. Kate Harding posts a long and thought-provoking response to Joy Nash’s new fat rant video. Yes, she has one! To be posted at Manolo for the Big Girl soon!

Big Fat Deal shares a video of three different Hairspray stars singing “I’m a Big Girl Now.” Sing it, sisters!  Also on Big Fat Deal: How much obesity science do we really need to know?  Why is Broadway Ursula being played by a thin actress?   and Is Rachel Ray evil? 

Pretty Pear offers shopping advice for the Tall Girl  and suggests socks for the woman with wide calves.  

As always, Plus Size Clothing Scoop has a plethora of sales links and codes for Plus Size Fashions, plus new posts this week about where to find plus-size Halloween costumes and Love Your Body Day. Check it out. 

Style Spy wonders whether she uses too much product  and just luuuuuurves the square-toed shoes from the Alexander McQueen show.   

Fat Chic offers several doses of shopping tips for the big Goth Girl.

Finally, Full Figure Plus beats Francesca to an important question: Where can Big Girls who live outside of the United States do their shopping?

Happy surfing!

Xoxo, Francesca

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