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Fall Sale at Sydney’s Closet | Manolo for the Big Girl

Fall Sale at Sydney’s Closet

Oh, how Francesca adores Sydney’s Closet! If you are in the market for plus-size formal or semi-formal gowns / dresses (shop early for next year’s prom?), or bridesmaid’s dresses, or a wedding dress (!) now is the time to rifle through Sydney’s wares. Most of the items are $20-$40 off, some more deeply discounted.

Some of Francesca’s faves:

Francesca just adores wedding dresses with lace coats.

This dress, called “Barcelona Beauty,” makes Francesca wish to learn the salsa and the tango! The chocolate color is deep and gorgeous.

Francesca loves sparklies! (Also, she wishes to say that the model in the black dress is just. so. adorable. Can Francesca adopt her?) The dress is on deep discount and comes with a matching shawl.

Lots to see! Happy shopping!

xoxo, Francesca

2 Responses to “Fall Sale at Sydney’s Closet”

  1. sara October 24, 2007 at 8:00 pm #

    That’s my wedding dress!! The one with the lace coat!!
    I’m counting down to December 29th!