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Big Girls in Art: Fascination Over an American woman | Manolo for the Big Girl

Big Girls in Art: Fascination Over an American woman

Here  we have the pleasingly-laid-out work by the unknown artist. Francesca does not know whether the title assigned to this painting by the Americans, “Fascination Over an American Woman” is the original title or not. In fact, if any readers have more information about this painting, please to share it!

Anyway, let us assume that the Big Girl woman on the right in the Western fashions (whose cape Francesca covets) is the American woman. Francesca wants to know: In what country are they? What is it about the American woman which fascinates? What is the Asian woman thinking about? What is the American woman doing, and what is she thinking about?

Francesca says: In Asia they know how to mix prints!

A poster of this painting is available here.

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