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January 22, 2008

Linky Lurve

Fabulous posts from around the world of fat blogging . . .

Kate Harding: That’s a lovely straw fatty you’ve constructed there

Big Fat Blog: Not being able to put an armrest down doesn’t equal a disability.

Big Fat Deal: Am I crazy to think that unconditional and true love still exists?

Chewing the Fatz: No one stopped the traffic and accused me of committing atrocities against the human race.

The Rotund: accepting that BMI is crap does not need to come with a fat-shame rider attached.

Loving My Belly: It really isn’t difficult for me to see fat as a genetic variation rather than a personal failure or a lack of moral character.

Feed Me!: These three little sentences are about as radical as the Declaration of Independence was 225+ years ago.

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