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January 22, 2008

NY Times on the Fatosphere!

Lookie! The New York Times has an article about our internet friends in the Fatosphere!

Blogs written by fat people — and it’s fine to use the word, they say — have multiplied in recent months, filling a virtual soapbox known as the fatosphere, where bloggers calling for fat acceptance challenge just about everything conventional medical wisdom has to say about obesity.

Smart, sassy and irreverent, bloggers with names like Big Fat Deal, FatChicksRule and Fatgrrl (“Now with 50 percent more fat!”) buck anti-obesity sentiment. They celebrate their full figures and call on readers to accept their bodies, quit dieting and get on with life.

The message from the fatosphere is not just that big is beautiful. Many of the bloggers dismiss the “obesity epidemic” as hysteria. They argue that Americans are not that much larger than they used to be and that being fat in and of itself is not necessarily bad for you.

And they reject a core belief that many Americans, including overweight ones, hold dear: that all a fat person needs to do to be thin is exercise more and eat less.

Francesca loves this quote from the fat male blogger, Red No. 3: “See, I don’t have a problem with fat. My body is simply adorned, and I’ll take that.”

Congratulations to all who were linked in the Times! You are superfantastic!

Be sure to scroll down to Francesca’s previous (and prophetic) post, which links to many superfantastic fat blogs.



  1. Good article — despite the obligatory-but-still-annoying doctor quote — and a pretty reasonable characterization of what’s out there in fatblogging. Nice to see it in the NYT.

    Bet they get some seriously nasty letters about it.

    Comment by Bridey — January 22, 2008 @ 4:13 pm

  2. This article also got a (fairly funny) shout-out from another of my favorite blogs, Miss Conduct’s blog on

    Comment by Maestra — January 22, 2008 @ 11:26 pm

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