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February 29, 2008

A Big Deal about Big Prints?

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In my last post I talked about big florals being embiggening, and they are, but what if you just luh-huv big florals? Can you still wear them?

Of course you can.

You won’t look your sveltest, true, but if that’s not a big deal to you –and no one says it has to be– go forth and wear that floral frock you love, and if it doesn’t work? Well, there are worse things in life than looking stupid.
I’ll be honest, I have no great affection for prints. The best I can usually say about them is that they are helpful in confusing your enemy.  In fact today I’m wearing a new Donna Reed-style shirtwaist with the very subtlest and most restrained of Swiss dots and I had to look good and hard in the mirror before I left the house because I juuuust wasnt sure I liked it.

My word of caution is, if you are planning on wearing big florals, be very very careful of proportion and balance.  If your big floral is a short dress, be sure to wear the highest heel you can comfortably (and tastefully) wear.  Keep accessories uncomplicated and few in number, but big in impact. This is no time for dainty earrings and whisper thin gold chains.

Pay extra attention to the color on your face.  Bold colors and prints can make even the most dramatically-hued of us look washed out so go for that extra bit of blush before you  step out the door.

February 28, 2008

Beware the Florals

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Big florals were all over the runway a few months and now as Spring is getting sprung, we’re going to start seeing it in shops as well. As many of us know, Bad Things can happen when we attempt to wear florals. Bad embiggening things. So how do you dress the trend without looking like my Great Aunt Nobby’s favorite couch?

Avoid the all-over print. With big prints, as with vermouth and potentially damning eye-witnesses, less is alway more. You’ve got to give the eye some place to rest.

Case in point:

The Alva dress from B&Lu. Cute cut, but quite noisy and 100% hugeifying.

Alva dress from B&Lu

Much better is the Floral Dot Dress from Lane Bryant. You still get a bit of a bold pattern statement but it leaves the waist and hips clean. It’s a little art nouveau too, which –in my not remotely humble opinion– is always good. Remember to use the link on our side bar and get a big discount!

Lane Bryant Floral Dress. Plumcake Likes!

February 27, 2008

The Big Question: Small Screen Edition

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We went deep last week so let’s go light today.

Francesca and Plumcake want to know:

What television character would your friends say your personality most resembles and why?

Extra Credit: What about Francesca and me? Tread carefully!

February 26, 2008

Another shout out to Ren-Faire girls!

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Technically this video is not about the Big Girls, but . . . it simply feels so right for our humble website, on so many levels:

Shake Your Pompons!

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I was never a cheerleader. I never wanted to be a cheerleader. I have no problems with cheerleaders as a group, they’re sweet and bouncy, sort of like cocker spaniels with a slightly lower college acceptance rate.* That does mean, however, that I missed out on pretty much all pompon-related activity when I was a youngster.

Thankfully for me, Viktor & Rolf, the craziest Dutch guys the world has ever known (excluding that dude I dated in college who woke me up in the middle of the night some time in my sophomore year and convinced me it was a good idea to eat half a dozen home-made chocolate chip cookies and wash it down with a half a bottle of Jaegermeister. I don’t really remember much, but I do know I totally ruined my silver shot silk pajama bottoms.) have created the cutest little Dita-Von-Teese-y peeptoes with a decorative pompon trim.

If I weren’t already steadily tucking away a luxury tithe for two pairs of Pradas that came stomping down the runway and into my heart last week, I would totally buy these almost-but-not-quite twee darlings. Remember to use code yoox2008 for an extra 10% off!

Viktor & Rolf pompon peep toes.

*This is a joke. Please do not send me hate mail.

February 25, 2008

Plumcake Goes Casual. No. Seriously.

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Okay, technically I’m not going casual. I don’t do casual, BUT I am recommending something casual so that totally counts. These shoes remind me of my friend Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, one of the few people in the world whose coolness is so intense that it actually makes me question my own. She’s a former ‘zine queen and member of the legendary Texas Rollergirls. Even though our styles are very different, she is so all around fantastic and beautiful that it is almost difficult to look at her directly for fear of being blinded by her badassery.

I could totally see her, or any other tough chick who does casualwear, bopping around town doing errands and hanging out with her equally cute boyfriend at a skate park in these inexpensive little kicks from Ed Hardy.ed-hardy.jpg

They’re available in size 12 and 13 and if you use the coupon code yoox2008 you can get another 10% off.

Hair Advice for the Big Girl

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Our internet friend Marnie asks a Very Good Question:

It seems like every single big-girl catalog pic I see, the models have long full wavy tresses.  Am I, like, forbidden to have a bob?  Do I need to spend my time worrying about pig face?  Can we talk about flattering hairstyles for the full of face and appled of cheek?  Because honestly, I really don’t feel like spending a year growing out my locks, or dropping major $$$ on some horrible America’s Next Top Model-esque extensions.

Dear Marnie,

The first rule of looking good is feeling good. Nothing, nothing is ever “forbidden,” and you should wear your hair however it looks and feels good for you, yourself.

Why do the plus-size models tend to have long hair?

First, Francesca submits that most models in general have long hair. Some have short hair, but, seriously, most grow their hair because they have great hair. Great hair, great skin, great teeth . . . that is why they are models. And because they are models, they make the time and financial investment to keep their hair primped and pampered and coiffed just so every day, no matter how long it is, and to have a professional stylist make their hair look incredible before they have their photos taken. Because they are models.  If we base our ideas of what looks good from the models, well then, we’d want to be thin, too, you know? Forget about what looks good on the models, even the plus-size models. Let us talk about us, the people who live lives that involve blowing the hair dry in the two minutes between gulping down a glass of Sunny Delight for breakfast and getting the kids into the car at 7:35 a.m.

Indeed for many (but not all) of the larger women, cutting the hair very short CAN (but does not NECESSARILY) emphasize the roundness of face, or the double chin, or could make the head appear proportionately smaller in relation to the bigger body. Many women grow their hair bigger on top to balance out the amazonian proportions down below.

But again, so much depends on you, your body, your hair, and of course your style and your way of life. Do you have thin, curly hair which becomes limper and less curly the longer it gets? Then perhaps a chin-length style which maximizes the volume and curls is best for you. Have your friends been giving you hints that your “big hair” went out of style in the 80’s, and just makes you look “big” all around, and besides you work as a litigator and maybe a shorter, sleeker style would be more professional? Then it is time for a haircut.

Francesca’s hair advice for the big girl is this: Take stock of your hairstyle every few years to make sure it is still working for you; color it at home or professionally if you are not absolutely thrilled with the color; beware of using too much bleach, too much henna, or too much “product”; use low necklines to elongate your face and shoulders if your hair cannot do it for you; and do whatever you can within the limits of your time, budget, and hair realities to make your hair look superfantastic every day. Do not skimp on the cut or forego the blow-drying in the morning if that is what you need to do to look your best. Remember, being fat and superfantastic can be hard, expensive work. Absolutely do the very best you can with what you’ve got!

After that, do not spend any time at all “worrying about pig face” or anything else. You’ve got living to do.



PS Here are plus-size models with short or medium-length hair (and links to their clothes):




Anna Scholz 

Swimsuits for All 

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