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February 24, 2008

Twistie’s Sunday Caption Madness: The Shocking Edition

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Hey ho, everyone! I think everyone here knows how this game is played. For those who are new, though, here are the rules.

On sunday, I post a picture. You all post your best, pithiest, silliest captions to go with it. Next saturday, I declare a winner and we all dance for joy…or whoever wins this time.

So take a look at this and hit me with your best shot.

Socket and Plug Costumes


Bruno Magli wide-width shoes on sale!

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Look! These simple and office-ready shoes, the “Nanico” by Bruno Magli are 40% off! That is the savings of over $93! Mmm mmm good!

Remember you can always dress up the simple shoes with the superfantastic clip-on earrings!

February 23, 2008

You Asked for It: Gifts for the Recovering BFF

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Our internet friend Rachel writes:

This isn’t specifically a “big girl” question, but I so value your taste and counsel that you were the first I thought of. I have a dear friend who is recovering from a grueling surgery (having a mass removed from her pineal gland; we’re still waiting to hear if it’s benign); she’s due to be released from the hospital tomorrow and will be chilling at her mom’s for a few weeks to complete her recovery. I want to put together a Care Package of Fabulousness to see her through her long, quiet days at the casa. I’m thinking it’ll include a DVD, a book or two, maybe some yummy teas, cozy socks, and … that’s where I need your help. What little bits of fab would you suggest for a friend who’s taking a few weeks of rest to get her groove back? I’d so appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance, my dears, and stay fabulous!

Ayyyy! Francesca sincerely hopes that Rachel’s friend has the speedy and complete recovery!

She has heard from many friends who were on bed rest and similar situations that though they would never ask to get sick, they found that having a few weeks to think about their lives and where they want to “go with it” was profoundly inspiring and life-altering. May Rachel’s friend make the best emotional and spiritual use of the time and feel physically better quickly!

A Chilling at Home care package is a great idea. Francesca is thinking scented candles, a little bit of (Francesca’s favorite) perfumelanguage tapes, bubble bath,  and a pretty journal.

But remember that the best gift is probably your time: to keep her company, to do chores around the house that her mom can’t get to so easily, to do library runs, to drive her to the doctor, etc. It would also be a way to help her mom, who might feel overwhelmed. Often, when friends ask “Is there anything I can do,” it is hard for the sick person to think of anything, or they are embarrassed to ask for what they really need. But if you say “I’m going to the supermarket, do you want to give me a list of things to pick up?” or “I want to see you; how about we give your mom the night off, and I’ll come over with a casserole and a movie?” then they will accept the help.

Please let us know how your friend is doing!


The not-so-secret “Secret Sale”

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Ha! Woman Within (12W-44W) thinks this sale is “secret” and you can only access it if you are one of their secret BFFs. But Francesca is letting the cat out of the bag.

Francesca and Readers Recommend Books

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After seeing a movie preview for Prince Caspian, Francesca is re-reading The Chronicles of Narnia and loves it! There is a great debate about the order in which the books should be read; Francesca recommends reading them in the order in which they were written, not the order in which they take place chronologically. Anyway, here is the “movie tie-in” edition of Prince Caspian, and here is the boxed set of the entire Chronicles of Narnia series, which makes a great gift for yourself or others.

After Francesca suggested Wilkie Collins’ The Moonstone, Ottermatic wrote:

Oh Wilkie Collins! How I love thee. I just read  The Woman in White and it is one of my favorite books now.

(Francesca, too, has The Woman in White on her bookshelf!) 

And Margo wrote:

   I love book recommendations – from intelligent people with oodles of style and class, that is. Have been on a bit of an autobiography kick lately, after I discovered V.S. Pritchett’s short stories I tracked down his memoir A Cab at the Door, which I can’t recommend highly enough.

(Francesca says: Thanks for the implicit compliment!)

And in response to Francesca’s love of The Handmaid’s Tale, two readers recommended other books by the same author:

   Margaret Atwood is the best. Oryx and Crake is my second fave after Handmaid…third on the list is The Robber Bride, which is intelligent, yet somehow manages to be a fantastic “beach read”.

Happy reading!


The Temptation of Temptress

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As Kirstie Alley leaves the fold of Jenny Craig spokescelebreties to start her own diet plan brand, her space is taken by two women. We’ve already talked about Queen Latifah. Now it’s time to talk about Temptress Brown.

She’s a linebacker on her high school football team. She was a contestant on American Idol. She’s a 280lb seventeen year old. Now she’s going on the Jenny Craig diet plan. Under the newly-lightened arm of former plus-sized model and fellow former AI contestant Kimberley Locke, she’s decided to lose weight and get healthy.

But how healthy is she going to get on the Jenny Craig plan? After all, that’s what Queen Latifah is trying to sell us on, and that’s what Temptress has been convinced is true.


February 22, 2008

A Humble Note of Thanks

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Okay y’all, I know I’m the mean cop. I get paid good money to be the mean cop and I love every black-hearted second of it. That being said, I was blown away by your candid, intimate  answers to Wednesday’s Big Question about being harrassed.  I never expected such an outpouring of heartfelt responses.

I know I speak for Francesca and The Manolo when I say we are humbled and honored to be a part of something that’s fun and frilly and probably going to be a barrier to my future employment anywhere outside of a nightclub act involving liquid latex, two ferrets, and a life-size martini glass, but also a place where big girls and big-minded girls can get together to share with and support each other.

It makes me hopeful, it makes me happy, and it makes me proud. Thank you all so very, very much.



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