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March 5, 2008

Can’t escape it

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OK, so some of you luuuurve it, and some of you haaaaaate it, but the Marilyn Convertible dress by MonifC continues to pique Francesca’s interest. I cannot explain why. I am riveted. One of these days, Francesca will have to stop by the MonifC boutique in New York and try it for herself.

Anyway, the reason Francesca brings it up is that the dress is now available in colors which would go nicely with the sort of fashionable, colorful shoes which the esteemed Manolo has been discussing at his home blog.

Look . . .



Orange! Francesca is so jealous of women who look good in orange!

And other colors too.

Francesca loves these colors. She would advise that the model in the last two photos would look uber-superfantastic if she a) wore stockings and b) avoided tying the dress so tightly that she hangs over the top of the dress. Otherwise, it is very nice.

Francesca loves the spring colors!


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