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March 29, 2008

Happy Feet

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While Plumcake and I have disagreed one more than one ocassion, when it comes to flip flops we are of one mind. Just, no. Practical, aesthetc, and auditory reasons abound for our mutual aversion. I know that some of our readers will not change their flip flop loving ways, and hey! it’s a free country. Chances are it’s a free country where you are, too. We’re not your mommies or the Fashion Police. We will not come and try to take your flip flops from your feet, cold and dead or otherwise.

What I would like to do today, though, is offer up some more superfantastic alternatives. After all, warmer weather demands more open footwear. Nobody expects you to wear snowboots in August (unless you’re in a part of the world where it would be the most practical thing to do; say a nice long stay in Antarctica), but there are plenty of pretty sandals that aren’t flip flops. Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we?


March 28, 2008

27 (prom) Dresses #8

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This “Magical Dress in Sky Blue” comes with a tulle shawl. So pretty, indeed like the sky!

Available on deep discount in Size 14/16 at Igigi, for just 80 American dollars.

Love in the Time of Flip Flops

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Why do I even bother to come back from the dead when the moment I return to life I face mortification at every turn? Sigh.

So here’s the deal, I spend Thursday evenings in the bar of Austin’s grandest hotel drinking Hendrick’s martinis, being sociable and casually hoping to meet the first of what I hope will be a veritable slew of wealthy foreign husbands with chiseled jaws and Norman castles who don’t understand big complicated phrases like “entrapment” and “community property laws.”

One might think that the bar of the poshest hotel in town would be excellent people watching, in fact *I* thought the poshest hotel in town would be excellent people watching but sadly, no. It has done nothing but reinforce the idea that money cannot buy taste and that there is no such thing as a formal flip flop.

I don’t think I realized quite how much I hated flip flops until I saw pair after pair of bejeweled, bedazzled, bewildering flip flops slapslapslapping their way through the ankle-deep carpet. Frankly, if you are not at a beach, in a communal shower or getting your toes did, there is no reason to wear flip flops outside the house. None? NONE.

Let me ask you flip flop wearers something…other than comfort, which I’ll take your word for, what’s the allure? They’re not attractive. The cheap ones are cheap and the expensive ones just LOOK cheap and there is not an outfit that cannot be wrecked by the judicious (or injudicious) application of those slippy slappy monsters.

Oh and please don’t get me started with BRIDAL flip flops. I’m feeling faint. Quick, someone better refill my Hendrick’s.*

*Hendrick’s is the Unofficial Gin of Manolo for The Big Girl. Not only is it the finest gin I’ve ever consumed –which is fair praise indeed considering that I’m Church of England and thus haven’t been sober since first communion– but their annual Olympiad judges competitors on “style, wit, intellect and cut of trouser” and that’s the sort of sport I can get behind.

March 27, 2008

The Big Question: Slow Dance Edition

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With all this talk of prom dresses I thought we’d ask a little topical Big Question. Yes it’s late but –much like prom dates and the traditional subsequent panicked wait for Our Monthly Friend– better late than never.

Francesca and Plumcake want to know: All about your prom. Give us the dirt!

The night of my senior prom my boyfriend and I, the most popular couple in school (natch) had broken up after three years. We still had to put in an appearance. It was awkward to be sure. The awkwardness was compounded by a half-page photo in the local newspaper labeling us as “The Happy Couple: Prom King and Queen!”

27 (prom) Dresses #7

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Believe it or not, this pretty little number is from Colwater Creek! It is available in sizes 6-16 and Petite 6-16, for under $120.

March 26, 2008

27 (prom) Dresses #6

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For the graduating girl who wants to show off her calves, and be pretty in pink, a dress here for under 90 of the American dollars! Available in sizes 12-20:

Sweet Corn Chowder Will You Look at THIS?!

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Okay, so technically I’m supposed to be dead, but if we’ve learned anything from “Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade” it’s that the Holy Grail can do miraculous things. Well friends, HERE is the Holy Grail.

Prada Sfumata Mary Jane

It’s the instantly iconic Prada Sfumata Mary Jane over which everyone (including The Manolo and your humble pal Plumcake)  fawned.  Style Spy declared them the shoe of the season and they were both very difficult and very expensive to acquire.  In fact when I saw that the size 41’s (although I’d say anyone from an American 10 to a small 12 could probably wear them) were on sale for FIFTY PERCENT OFF I started pulling out my hair with one hand and frantically emailing Style Spy –who already owns them–  with the other.  Do I buy them for myself or do I let my readers in on the secret?

See, technically I already have these. Yes, they’re the pumps, but when it comes right down to it, even I do not need two pairs of Prada nero/grigio sfumata shoes. So go, shop. They’re still not cheap, but they ARE a bargain.

You won’t regret it.

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