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27 (prom) Dresses #25 | Manolo for the Big Girl

27 (prom) Dresses #25

Francesca loves this dress for the modest or religious or socially conservative girl.

It is the dress perfectly blending the fashion with the modesty. It has long, generous sleeves; it has a neckline which does not reveal too much (and could even take a pretty shell to no ill effect); it is long and translucent and not too skin-skimming. And yet it has a twist, literally. It is not boring or shapeless. It is conscious of the trends without pandering to them.

It may be a wee bit over-grownup, but with one’s hair up off the neck and pretty jewelry, one would look stunning and regal in this!

Not everyone wishes to look sexy-sexy at her prom. One does not have to look sexual to be beautiful – especially at the tender age of 17. This dress is pricey, but for the girl who wishes to hide many lumpy-squishies, or who wishes the more modest dress for religious or cultural reasons, this is the best dress. Francesca likes!

Francesca likes it better in Navy Blue, which is more jewel-ly and less conservative (we are speaking of the 17-year-old, after all), but alas, the link to that image is not available. Go check out the blue!

5 Responses to “27 (prom) Dresses #25”

  1. Jeni April 12, 2008 at 4:09 pm #

    I really like this dress. I would definitely of worn it to my prom. I’m certainly not conservative or religious, but I go have giant (and I mean giant) arms. It’s so hard to find pretty dresses with sleeves (longer then cap, which I hate!).


  2. former teen, still fat April 13, 2008 at 2:12 am #

    I went to my junior and senior proms and LOVED them. While I loved my dresses, it was a hassle getting them. I would’ve died had I found this website while dress shopping!! My one suggestion is to take a look at the dresses on david’s bridal. I got my junior prom dress there and LOVED it. It didn’t look like a bridesmaid’s dress at all- it was flowy, floor length grecian style in turquiose satin with wide straps (to toot my own horn, everyone told me my dress was their favorite of the night). But the best part was the experience at the store. I tried on about 15 full length dresses- a miracle, as in my shopping quest, full length dresses were hard to come by. The saleswoman could not have been nicer, and didn’t even look twice at a plus size (16/18) girl. They did the alterations on site and it was fantastic. And, as a 19 year old, I can assure you that their dresses are indeed stylish. Really stylish. Take a look- davidsbridal.com

    (if you’re wondering, my senior prom dress was a donna ricco blue halter cocktail dress that had been marked down from 180 to 23. No joke. I spent the extra money on shoes.)

    This is an epic-ly long post but prom is still near and dear to my heart. Prom is really important to many high school girls, and I was really happy to feel like one of them for once, rather than a fat frumpy girl. Finding stylish clothes for a plus size teen is really hard! Still is, though this site is helping me a lot (example: I love b&lu)

  3. Tanya April 13, 2008 at 10:37 am #

    I’m going to need a mother of the bride dress and hate the pastel bead-y drapey stuff sold as such. This might be the answer! I think it’s a dress that could be worn by any age with the right accessories and attitude.

    I’d love the same dress in a daytime material, knee length – maybe I’ll have it copied!

  4. littlem April 13, 2008 at 5:46 pm #

    Sexy, although it seems to give one more hips as opposed to less.

    Does it come in tea length?

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