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June 14, 2008

Summer Basics For Next to Nothing

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Before I move on to the topic of the day, I’d like to commend Francesca for her superfantastic series of wedding gown articles this week…and make a shameless plug for my other weekend writing gig in the Manolosphere: Manolo for the Brides. You lovely ladies who are getting married – or just love chatting about weddings – might want to make a visit. The fabulous Never teh Bride writes the blog during the week. I take it on the weekends. We love the weddings.

But I digress.

What I really came here to talk about is the great sale at Avenue. Right now is a terrific time to save on summer basics with their $10 event. It’s actually more like the $10, $15, and $20 event, but I’m okay with that. This isn’t investment clothing, but most of us can use a few cheap and cheerful pieces that get rotated in and out of our wardrobes for a couple seasons, too.

If you’re in the market for a few tees and tank tops or a pair of Bermuda shorts to get you through those hot summer days and nights, this is the time to go stock up. Here are a couple of my personal favorites:

Plaid Cami from Avenue The Charlotte Plaid Shimmer Cami is a cute cotton top in your choice of four cheerful plaids. I particularly like the fact that it’s a very bra-friendly cut that also makes it a good choice for those of us who were denied shoulders by Mother Nature. No yanking straps back into place. It also has a silvery thread running through, adding a touch of subtle sparkle to any day. All that, and it’s one-third off the regular price, too. Once sold for $29.95, it’s currently on sale for just $20.00.

For the Big Girl who isn’t as keen on showing her upper arms, I’m loving the Lace Up Tunic.

Lace Up Tunic It comes in nine different colors, so don’t worry if you’re not as in love with the Salmon color as I am. The styling is simple and informal, but still feminine with a dignified v-neckline and the pretty lacing. And at just $10.00 (marked down from $19.95), it’s a great deal.

Scoop-necked Ribbed Tank A good, basic tank top is a summer necessity. This one comes in six great colors and will only cost you $10.00, down from $16.95. What more do you need to know? Oh, perhaps that it’s all cotton so it will breathe no matter what the thermometer reads.

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