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July 31, 2008

Big Girls in Art: Degas

Filed under: Art — Francesca @ 8:01 am

This is called “Woman Singing”, by Edgar Degas:

Francesca loves this. The woman singing with abandon, while her friend does the work!

Francesca is with her. It is wonderful to sing and be happy, and then enjoy the fruit of one’s friend’s labor. What could be better? ;-)

July 30, 2008

Igigi Review (Lovefest!) at BFD

Filed under: Accessories,Fashion,Review Revue,This Week In Fat Blogging — Francesca @ 3:56 pm

Several truly excellent bloggers from around the fat-blogosphere have written an extensive review of several items from Igigi:

Brush Strokes Ivory Print Dress

Neapolitan Colorblock Dress with Shrug

Portrait Collar Blouse in Flintstone (belt sold separately) – now 38% off! Paired with . . .

Wide Leg Pants in Black – now 43% off!

Lace short dress in black/red

Marianna Dress

Go see the photo of these “real” women (that is, not professional models) in the clothes, and what they had to say.

Have fun, xoxo,


The Big Question: “Do You Feel A Breeze?” Edition

Filed under: The Big Question — Miss Plumcake @ 3:09 pm

Sweet smoky Santa, yesterday’s pantless wonder is still haunting me in my sleep! Last night while I was in the arms of Hypnos I relived the horror of Fourth Grade Field Day where, during an ill-advised death march softball game my white shorts sppppppppplit up the middle in front of God, the gym coach and everyone. Twenty years later it STILL traumatizes me, taking up valuable dream time that could be spent in other, more enjoyable endeavors. I mean the Archbishops of York and Canterbury aren’t going to get into a slapping fight over me by themselves you know!

Today Plumcake wants to know: What has been your most embarrassing “wardrobe malfunction?”

July 29, 2008

Oh My Grapes and Cheeses. Honey, NO!

Filed under: Honey. No. — Miss Plumcake @ 5:18 pm

Dear Woman Whose Entire Rear End Is Plainly Visible Through The Giant Gaping Rip In Your Jeans But Mysteriously Did Not Want To Borrow My Gorgeous Triomphe Du Paladin Scarf To Wrap Around Your Waist Even Though We Both Know That’s The Closest You’ll Ever Get To Hermès, 

Sugarlump, if you are reading this –and I hope you are– I think it’s time for Auntie Plumcake to lay a little church on you in re: your particularly tragic pantular situation.I can see your bum. Your nooks, your crannies, the fabrication, weight and pattern (black with pink polkadots? Really? Is it still 2004 where you live?) of your bikini briefs.  I can see where they start and where they stop, not as some sort of panty line, but the actual panty itself AND the little red indentation of the lace because they are just a bit too snug.

This? This is too much information.

Do me a favor, look at yourself in the mirror. Are you a Scottish firefighter? Lou Reed in 1972? A member of the U.S. Men’s Olympic Swim Team with a penchant towards nymphomania? No, you are not. You are at my place of business assaulting me (as it were) with your pasty globes of muchness.

Here is a hint. When a woman comes up to you, informs you that you have a hole the size of a sheltie in your jeans, and WITH NO REGARD FOR HERSELF offers you her IRREPLACEABLE FRENCH SCARF so that you might be spared from shame, the proper response is NOT  “Oh I couldn’t find anything else to wear today. Besides, no one is really looking.”

No one is really looking? No one is really looking?! I CAN SEE YOUR CASH AND PRIZES! THAT MEANS IT IS TIME FOR NEW PANTS.

Sincerely yours,

The Very Distraught Plumcake

From the “it’s OK to hate women if you are a girl” file . . .

Filed under: The Fat's in the Fire — Francesca @ 8:25 am

 . . . comes a new video game by Sony, called “Fat Princess.”


The idea is to win a capture-the-flag contest by kidnapping the other team’s princess, imprisoning her in a dungeon, and feeding her cake until she’s so fat that her teammates can’t haul her to safety.

Let’s set aside for now the icky likeness to fat fetishists who find willing females to pump full of calories until their girl “friends” are so heavy they are immobilized.

Let us set aside for a moment the suggestion that fat women get that way by sitting around eating cake.

We will ignore, for the moment, the implication that forcing a woman to get fat is “cute.”

Francesca would like to focus on this intellectually dishonest rebuttal to critics by James Green, the lead art director for the game:

“Does it make it better or worse that the concept artist (who designed the look, characters, everything) is a girl?”

The author of the article I’ve linked to, Ben Silverman, apparently believes it makes it better, since  he says the game’s detractors will now be eating crow (ha! fat women stuffing their faces with crow! ha!).

I suppose it didn’t occur to either of them that Meme Roth, too, is a “girl,” and she’s a fatphobic, mean-spirited person who is devoting significant amounts of time to putting down other women and trying to make them feel ashamed and degraded.

Being female does not guarantee wisdom or empathy.

Francesca can only say that, at best, the concept artist in question is, perhaps, a woman who did not think carefully enough about the implications of her work. Francesca hopes that we are talking about someone a bit artificial who doesn’t think things through, and not a woman who really believes that fattening an imprisoned princess for fun is just good times.

July 28, 2008

Beautiful Wide-width Shoes at Beautiful Prices

Filed under: Sales,Shoes,Stuart Weitzman makes 'em wider — Francesca @ 9:04 am

It is Monday, and Francesca does not feel like working at her “day job.” She prefers to stay in bed.

So she researches the shoes on sale, to get her out of her stupor. It is Stuart Weitzman therapy!

Flasher, 43% off

Cavendish, 26% off

Best, 40% off

Regalo, 26% off

Endorbit, 31% off

Zenla, by Vaneli, 21% off

Happy shopping!

July 27, 2008

Is Visibility In the Offing?

Filed under: Fashion — Twistie @ 12:37 pm

Last week, I wrote about the July issue of Italian Vogue. This morning, the same good friend who brought the magazine to my attention in the first place passed along an article in the Guardian about how the all-black issue has been received.

Apparently, the long-standing assumption in the fashion industry that black models won’t sell magazines is…astonishingly wrong. Astonishingly, I hasten to say, to the fashion industry. Some of us have wished to see something more than a bland parade of interchangably white faces on our magazines for some time.

As it turns out, the publishers have had to scramble to print an extra 40,000 copies in hopes of sating public demand for this issue. The $16.00 magazine is being scalped on eBay for as much as $50.00 a copy. Black, as it turns out, is bankable.

All I can say is hurrah! and let’s challenge a few more stereotypes about what will and won’t sell magazines. Beauty comes not only in all colors, but in all shapes and sizes as well. Tall and short, thin and fat, standing tall or in a wheelchair, women are beautiful.

It’s about freaking time the fashion industry started to figure that out.

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