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Little Latin Loubie-loos | Manolo for the Big Girl

Little Latin Loubie-loos

So every time I see these shoes, and I see them a LOT, I always think “Man, I don’t own nearly enough Lacroix” and then I have to remind myself they’re NOT Christian Lacroix; they’re Christian Louboutin and THEN I spend the next few minutes putting on my best Edina Monsoon voice and saying “it’s Lacroix, darling. Lacroix.” and maybe singing a verse or two of The Pet Shop Boys’ “Absolutely Fabulous” thereby frightening my dog, who –still unused to my fits of discotheque madness– will promptly find something expensive and pee on it.

ANYHOODLE I love these shoes and at an extra 40% off at Neiman’s I love them even more. They strike me as very Spanish. I feel like I’d put them on and instantly find myself in an Almodovar film being held captive by a lovestruck and filthily hot Antonio Banderas.
Woo. Is it warm in here? Where’s my credit card? Who took my pants?

Little Latin Loubie-loos

2 Responses to “Little Latin Loubie-loos”

  1. Jennie July 7, 2008 at 4:13 pm #

    Plumcake, Dahlin’ After you ahem…er…finish that fantasy, pet your dog so he/she is not scared anymore and then let us know where the lovely Loubie-loos are on sale at 40% off…. Was it good for you???

  2. AmazonPrincess July 7, 2008 at 9:47 pm #

    Whenever I see Christian Lacroix mentioned anywhere I automatically hear Edina’s voice in my head. :-)