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Battle of the Monday Moon Boots RESULTS | Manolo for the Big Girl

Battle of the Monday Moon Boots RESULTS

 We have a winner of the very first Battle of the Monday Moon Boots! There was some powerful lobbying from the Zanotti camp, BUT the rabbit fur Taryn Rose came out on top.

Delightful reader Rabrab explains:

I think that the Taryn Rose boots are worse; at least GZ committed wholeheartedly to the absurdity that are fur moonboots. To successfully wear absurd clothing or shoes requires one attribute above all: commitment. If you’re going to do yeti-feet, then by ghod do yeti-feet, don’t do a timid approach to yeti-feet.

Taryn’s look like she really was trying to make a nice pair of winter boots (and didn’t realize how odd they came out.) GZ’s are just over-the-top, don’t-even-pretend-you’re-wearing-these-seriously bizarre. The GZ’s make me laugh; the Taryn’s make me cringe.

Congratuations Taryn! You are now the first winner of the um, Ferby Gallini Uggo Shooz Award!   We look forward to seeing you in future events.

Taryn Rose

One Response to “Battle of the Monday Moon Boots RESULTS”

  1. jen August 26, 2008 at 1:32 pm #

    yeah, those are some fugly boots!