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September 28, 2008

Twistie’s Sunday Caption Madness: The Pet Edition

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Hi all! It’s time for another round of Twistie’s Sunday Caption Madness! You know the rules by now. I post a picture, you leave your best captions in comments, and next saturday I declare a winner. This time, I thought we might get a little animalistic.

Big Fish Ready…set…snark!

September 27, 2008

I Beg Your Indulgence

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I believe in self-indulgence.

All too often, we are told that to indulge ourselves is bad, is wrong, will Lead To Disaster. I don’t find that to be the case.

Somehow when I have the treat I’m really craving, whether it’s a brownie, or a bubble bath, or painting my nails a pretty color just because it feels good to me, then I’m satisfied and can go on my way doing what needs to be done. In fact, I do it more efficiently because I’m not distracted by nagging desires yanking at my skirt like a three year old begging for attention.
When I can’t get the ten minutes to myself for a quiet think, or I can’t set up my personal projects anywhere, or I deliberately deny myself…that’s when desires become obsessions and you wouldn’t like me when I’m obsessed. I get grouchy, and my sarcasm sharpens like a razor in the hands of Sweeney Todd. I can’t hold a thought in my head for two minutes together other than WANT! NOW! That’s when I go nuts and overindulge because I’m too far gone to know when to stop.

That ain’t pretty.

Obviously there are times when one cannot indulge cravings. It’s downright impossible, just as a f’rinstance, to take a bubble bath at the office. It also may rank as a Very Bad Idea to attempt to paint your toenails whilst driving.

You can, however, tell yourself that you will take a nice, long soak in the tub after dinner, or that you’ll do your toenails on the weekend. You can remind yourself that while you can’t have a brownie right now, because the ones in the office vending machine are an offence against God and Man so heinous as to be unthinkable, you can stop at that great bakery downtown on your lunch break and get one there.

Just make sure you’re telling yourself the truth. Don’t lie to yourself and fail to do anything about the craving. Don’t try to fob yourself off with a cheap substitute. In this case, I’m using ‘cheap’ in the sense of ‘inadequate’ rather than ‘not expensive.’ After all, dinner and a night at the googleplex to see the latest action film may cost more than curling up on the with your pajamas, a cuddly blanket, a mug of cocoa, and your favorite sad movie, but the googleplex is not a good way of fulfilling that desire to cocoon on the couch.

So don’t tell yourself that carrot sticks dipped in fat-free yogurt are the same as brownies. Have a damn brownie and go merrily on your way. Be honest about the fact that sometimes you just need something because it feels good.

That way, you’ll actually be able to hear and accept it when you’d really rather have yogurt or carrot sticks than a brownie.

So indulge yourself in some small way. Do your nails, read a good book, have a slice of cake, or sit down and actually write that poem that’s been nagging at your subconscious. Just do something for yourself. You’ll feel good, I promise.

Besides, when you take care of yourself in little ways, it can actually make you better at doing what you need to do for everyone else.

September 26, 2008

La Dolce Feet-a (Get it? Get it?! sigh.)

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God, I love Dolce. I am SO not the Dolce and Gabbana girl, but I love that they’re so unapologetically va-va-voom. They’re over-the-top and fun and they don’t even begin to care. I’ve got to say their Spring/Summer 2009 show reminds me more than a bit of  La Maestra’s Fall/Winter 2008 show (which was a triumph) but younger, kickier and um, in pajamas.


Natasha Poly in Dolce and Gabbana’s opening piece for S/S RTW 2009

Love. It.

Anyway, as much fun as the clothes are –and clothes are always more fun in times of economic turmoil– I want to draw your attention to the shoes. These? These are Fun Shoes. Not necessarily in the best of taste, I wouldn’t wear them to a funeral (I already have Dedicated Funeral Shoes, they’re Armani) BUT how can you not feel happy –if perhaps a little unstable– with these on your feet?

channeling Prada Love theseThere’s No Place Like Studio 54Can’t have Dolce without a little tribal motifWant theseNEED These

Happy Weekend everybody, and, as a special note for the bazillions of people invading my fair city for the Austin City Limits Music Festival or the UT/Arkansas game…YOU KIDS GET OFFA MY LAWN!

Francesca Recommends a Book

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Francesca received as a gift from a friend a copy of  As a Driven Leaf by Milton Steinberg. Though it is about the emergence of Talmudic culture in first-century Holy Land, Francesca found the characters vividly drawn and the setting adequately explained, so that she was able to follow the conflict and care about the characters.

It is so vivid, actually, that the writing reminds Francesca of that of Robert Jordan, the fantasy writer. This book brings the ancient past to life.  Francesca enjoyed it tremendously!

(Thanks to Lisa who exposed Francesca to this book!)

Happy reading and happy weekend!

xoxo, Francesca

September 25, 2008

For What it is Worth

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Francesca is of two minds when it comes to recommending “foundation undergarments” which “smooth and flatten” one’s lumpier parts.

On one hand, Manolo, Plumcake and I wish to communicate our feelings that women of all sizes and shapes can successfully aspire to look and feel superfantastic. One’s Bigger parts need not induce shame; on the contrary, we wish you to celebrate your body and all its components!

On the other hand, Francesca knows that there are occasions on which one wishes to use a little something to “smooth” certain areas. For some, it is the hips. For others, it is the tummy. There are women who wear minimizer bras and women who wear control top pantyhose. And Francesca says: if it makes you feel better about wearing your Little Black Dress, then go for it.

(Yes, Francesca herself owns a pair of < Hi Rise Spanxicon. They do not make Francesca littler — and she does not need to be littler to look and feel gorgeous — but they do smooth the lumpy lines and make the LBD hang a little more sleekly.)

It is with this introduction that Francesa, with a bit of hesitation, informs you that a company called Jax & Jewels has introduced a new product which acts as a minimizer for the upper arms. The unfortunate name for the product is Flabuless, but Francesca can see how it would be useful for many; she is considering trying it herself to see how it works, and how well.

She does not understand how it helps one to wear sleeveless clothing — surely, it would be obvious to others that one is wearing something on one’s arms — but perhaps with the flutter sleeves? the cap sleeves? the top with the extremely tight sleeves?

If any of our dear readers do try this product, please let us know how it performs.

September 24, 2008

The Big Question: Not Without My Pradas Edition

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I once knew my relationship with an ex was in trouble when someone asked me if I had to choose between my then-boyfriend and my Dior Anniversary pumps and my immediate answer was a scandalized “but those are my shoes!

Dior Anniversary PumpsToday Miss Plumcake wants to know:

If your home was being attacked by, say a plague of locusts, could only rescue one piece of your wardrobe what would it be? Why?

Big Girls in Art: Wooster Collective

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Our internet friend Mallory points out that the Wooster Collective (a site which showcases ephemeral street art in cities around the world) has examples suitable for our Big Girls in Art series.

Both of these are from the streets of New York City:



Thanks, Mallory!

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