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October 31, 2008

Love (by which I mean this bra) Is Never Having To Say You’re Speeding

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“I’m sorry officer, is there is a problem?”


I heart this bra!
icon Partially because it’s comfortable and cotton and yet does AMAZING things for the (travel-size but admittedly flawless) gals, but also because when you’re speeding down the interstate going just the teensiest hair over the posted speed limit (like maybe 30 teensy hairs over) and you get pulled over by one of our fine boys in blue, you can escape with nothing but a warning and a deep appreciation for underwires.

Sale codes for the weekend

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Planning to do a little shopping this weekend? This will help . . .

25% off everything at Kiyonna, by using code TREAT08 at checkout. Ends Monday night. Francesca’s pick is called the “Sexy Secretary Chiffon Blouse,” but Francesca thinks the blouse is sweet rather than sexy. It all depends on attitude!

Lane Bryant sale. Today and tomorrow: 40% off the entire store, plus they’ve reduced the prices on manysale items (about half of which are maternity-wear!) by an additional 50%. Sunday-Tuesday: 20% off the entire store.

Buy this plus-sized maternity tank dressicon (available in black/black) today or tomorrow and it should cost (according to Francesca’s calculations) only $12.

At Silhouttes, through Monday, save 20% off purchases of $125 or more by using code S8HV01. Or, see their homepage for a different code which lasts through Tuesday.

20% off everything at Chicos by using code 6156. Ends Sunday.

Coldwater Creek’s fall sale ends on Monday. And, get free shipping through Monday by using code WXH5342.

Happy shopping!


October 30, 2008

More from Francesca’s Inbox – and a Practical Exercise

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Hello, again!

Continuing from our newscast of this morning, Francesca has three more items to tell you:

Lane Bryant will have an online sale this weekend, Friday-Sunday, on shirts, dresses, and suede separates. check it out here. This
sweet sleeveless dress
icon will be selling for under $30.

AND . . . Save $25-$75 at Lane Bryant online or in stores! If you will shop at the store, click here to print out a coupon. Or, if you prefer to shop online, click here and enter code 050006915 at checkout. Combine the code with their fall sale for even better value. Here is what Francesca would do, as an Apple who works in a not-quite-formal-corporate-but-almost environment: She would purchase this
ribbon print blouse
icon, which she has been eyeing for a while and is now on sale,


and this
pinstripe denim jacket
icon, which can be paired with a bold skirt and scarf for work, or with jeans for Sunday brunch with a friend, and which is also on sale,


and this
knit dress and jacket set
icon, because it is good for work and offers mix-and-match opportunities with other dresses and with Francesca’s little shrugs,


and then use the sale code, which brings the price of all four items together – the dress, two jackets, and a blouse – to only $69.97, an average of only $17.50 per item.

Was that fun, or what?

Please tell Francesca what you will get!

OK, now for another little tip. If you are in the market for new lingerie, panties, sportswear, casual tops, swimwear, foundation undergarments, and the like, check out Just My Size. Through November 9, buy anything from this sale page and get another for 50% off. Note: Bras go through size DDD.

The corset slip pictured is available here.


From Francesca’s Inbox

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OK, a few news items to share today:

First: If you live in New York City or its environs, save the date of Saturday, November 1st. Lee Lee’s Valise in Brooklyn will have a trunk show with plus-size designer Gayla Bentley (who has shops in Paris and Houston, or you can shop at her website) from noon until 9 pm.

If you like mix-and-matchable pieces, and you like black, Francesca recommends checking out Gayla’s “10 Essential Basic Pieces” collection, which includes pants, a dress, two skirts, five different tops, and a sash. Separately, the items would cost over $1250, but if you buy all ten together you save 20% and get the entire wardrobe for $1000. This is a bargain only if you like all or most of the pieces – but if you do, it’s a great way to get an entire, matching set of clothes in one shot.

Second: Through November 4th, save money at Silhouettes by entering code S8F5H1 at checkout. You’ll get $15 off purchases of $100 or more; $30 off purchases of $150 or more; or $50 off purchases of $200 or more. Francesca recommends combining this deal with items from their Fall sale page, though she must admit that many of the non-sale items are very, very nice and are mightily more affordable with the sale code. So do what is best for you, dear reader.

Third . . . third, this post is getting quite long! So, Francesca will come back a little bit later today. See you soon!


October 29, 2008

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First of all, because I KNOW my family e-stalks me on this thing, I have to announce that I Am Not Getting Married.

Really. I have two lifetime commitments and those are to Jesus and the lady who does my eyelash extensions (Hi Shelsea! Hi!) and if I’m overdue  for a fill and the only availbility she has is on a Sunday. Well. I don’t think I need to finish that sentence.

Anyhoodle, for NO REASON AT ALL I’ve had marriage on the mind recently,  particularly engagement, so I’ll ask a question about that.

Today Miss Plumcake wants to know:

What do we think of the tradition of the fiancé asking Big Daddy’s permission before popping the question? Is it a sweet gesture or patronizing insult?

For our readers in Europe, the UK, Australia, and the US

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(Those are the places where Evans will deliver!)

FYI, the Evans winter catalogue is now available online, here.

They carry sizes 14-32 (British), and petite and tall plus-sizes, too!

If you live in the UK: Order 30 BPS or more today and you will get shipping for free.


Big Girls in Art: Pieter Brueghel the Younger

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Here we have the action-packed painting, Wedding Dance in a Barn, by the 16th-century Flemish-cum-Belgian painter, Pieter Brueghel:

Notice the Big Girl in the red skirt (foreground) kicking up her heels with the appreciative man! Notice the Big Girl in the blue apron (foreground) who has stopped dancing and is looking at her partner as if to say “What the hell kind of new step is THAT?!?” Notice the woman on the right, with her back to us, enjoying a cuddle, and the man in the center of the painting who seems to be quite inappropriately groping the Big Girl IN THE MIDDLE OF A WEDDING DANCE. And the couple in the back who should really find a room.

Weddings were more fun in 16th-century Antwerp.

(Hat tip: Fabrisse)

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