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From Francesca’s Inbox: Summer Clearance Sale at Zaftique | Manolo for the Big Girl

From Francesca’s Inbox: Summer Clearance Sale at Zaftique

Up to 90% off many items at Zaftique, through October 8th.

Quantities are limited and there are no returns or exchanges . . . but many of the items cost less than $10, or even $5!

Francesca’s pick (but she can’t guarantee it’s still available):

Santa Fe dress, down from $79 to $15.80

And in a completely different vein:

Audrey lace dress, down from $89 to $39.60.

Happy shopping!


2 Responses to “From Francesca’s Inbox: Summer Clearance Sale at Zaftique”

  1. Twistie October 1, 2008 at 7:50 pm #

    I actually took advantage of this sale (yes, even after all the jabs I’ve taken at some of their more…unique designs), and I have to say as a first time customer, I was impressed. I placed my order on Friday morning, I got a confirmation it was out the door about four hours later, and it arrived on my doorstep late Monday afternoon.

    All the pieces I ordered were fully lined, and the quality of construction was excellent. The hems and seams are strong and straight, the sizing was true, and the pieces are precisely as advertised. What’s more, I got a silk velvet blouse for about $22.00!

    Oh, and the burnout velvet blouse I was wearing last night got a LOT of compliments.

    If you haven’t ordered from Zaftique before and you find something you love in this sale, I urge you to go ahead and order.

    But I’ll still point and laugh when I find something particularly risible among their designs.

  2. ChloeMireille October 3, 2008 at 10:18 am #

    Amen to that.

    Most of my aesthetic issues with Zaftique have been with their blouses and pants, though. There have been a few dresses that leave me scratching my head, but most of them are much better formal choices that what I’ve come across in other stores.

    The one purchase I’ve made with them thus far was the Guinevere dress in navy. The name is highly inaccurate, because the design is very 19th Century, a true Empire dress.