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November 1, 2008

Twistie’s Sunday Caption Madness: The Renaissance Edition: The Result

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Oh, my good and gentle readers, once again you have blown me quite away and reminded me how lucky I am to have a job entertaining such witty readers. Last week I hit you with this hysterical historical…ish image:

Shakespearian Speech and you responded with close to twenty captions and one gloriously acidic costume review (thanks, Margo! We smirked greatly).

Alas! In the end there can be but one winner. This week it’s the fabulous and funny Wendy for reminding us all that fashion rules are all too often made to be broken with this delightful response:

“Purple unflatteringe to Redde heads?” cried Lady Penelope. “Why, thou canst see how well my swelling alabaster Bosome looks under their combined influence! Speak not such Nonnesense to me in future, or look to thine neck!”

Congratulations, Wendy! And thanks to everyone who played!

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