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Big Girls in Art: Giorgio de Chirico | Manolo for the Big Girl

Big Girls in Art: Giorgio de Chirico

Here we have The Uncertainty of the Poet, created in 1913 by the Greek painter Giorgio de Chirico.

The image is from the website of the Tate museum in London.

And here, the 1918 painting The Disquieting Muses.


Hat tip: Of the Sea

One Response to “Big Girls in Art: Giorgio de Chirico”

  1. Of The Sea November 5, 2008 at 5:59 pm #


    May I add that the Chirico – a metaphysical painter by his own description – was a source of inspiration for the surrealist movement, inspiring better known greats like Rene Magritte. His odd pairings of objects, vertigo-inducing perspective and bold flat colours never fail to make me dream.

    Thanks for featuring this! :)