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Something to Talk About | Manolo for the Big Girl

Something to Talk About

Here are a few of the discussions of interest going on in the Fatosphere this week:

Well-Rounded Mama has a great discussion of plus-sized maternitywear, including some resources as well as advice for the generously-proportioned mom-to-be. After all, it may be news to the scientiffic community, but we’ve known for years that fat women have sex, too. Sometimes they even have babies from it.

The F-Word gives an opportunity for us to share our body-positive stories for an upcoming book. If you have a good story, drop Rachel a line and find out how to submit it. Our stories can help other girls and women come to love and appreciate their bodies instead of fighting them. Let’s all do what we can for them.

Feed Me has information on the results of a new study about body image, obesity, and eating disorders. Interesting reading, folks. What’s more, it shows us just how important Rachel’s post is.

And in conclusion, there’s a lively debate going on at Shapely Prose about what breed the new First Dog President-Elect Obama publicly promised his daughters should be. You, too, can weigh in on this important question of public pup policy.

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