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November 11, 2008

This Week in Alliterative Posts: Super Sale on Solid Shoes at Saks

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Psst. C’mere. I have a secret. You know those spindly heels? Still fabulous, but the solid heel is back in a serious way. That’s right ladies, we can WALK again! Miles! Or at least down the stairs to get into a cab! All these shoes are part of the majah Saks sale, up to 40% off!

Anne Klein Crocs
I feel like I’ve posted these before, but I can’t remember, so you’re getting them (perhaps again) because I have a deep and true love for all things red alligator (even mock gator)  stemming from my beloved 1930’s red alligator suitcase. If I could do my walls in red alligator I would.  I know what you’re saying “Blah blah blah don’t kill the alligators.” Whatever, if they didn’t want to be killed they shouldn’t make such pretty shoes.  They’re on big ole sale too, so git you some.

Chie Mihara Purple Suede

You think these are ugly, don’t you? Well they’re not. They’re fantastic, and what’s going to happen is that you’re going to see them and think that dear ole Plummypoo (Don’t call me Plummypoo!) has lost what remained of her pretty little brain. BUT THEN you’re going to be sitting in a meeting, and you’ll start thinking about them. Oh sure  just a little at first, but then you’re going to have full on shoelust because you can wear them with everything and they’ll just add so much FUN and they’ll look fantastic on the leg and MAYBE you’ll even try that colored shoes with colored tights thing that everybody else is doing and THEN you’ll take off your glasses and pull out the pencil that held your hair in a prim bun and the next thing you know it’s Why Miss Yamamoto! You’re beautiful!
Classic Glazed Whip Snake Loeffler Randall Pumps

I firmly believe that every woman needs a pair of neutral snake skin pumps like these darlings from Loeffler Randall. Buy the best you can afford –I saved up and had mine made when I went to London– and they will pay for themselves ten times over. They are always a chic choice. When I pored over my shoe collection deciding which pair to wear to first meet my gentleman caller’s beloved maman in France (okay, it’s not until May, but a girl’s gotta be prepared) out of my top five, three of them were neutral snake skin pumps.

A word to the wise, Loeffler Randall runs very large and wide in my experience.  Shop accordingly.


  1. i am a known frog-water drinker, but heck no, i don’t think #2 is ugly! i LOVE that slightly-off cartoony-hot silhouette. yum.

    Comment by marjorie — November 11, 2008 @ 4:11 pm

  2. I adore those red alligator shoes. Adore them, I tells ya!

    Comment by Ms Mac — November 12, 2008 @ 9:26 am

  3. anne? anne…klein? is that you?! that is one hotchy motchy lookin’ red gator pump you have there! and just a teensy word re: loeffler randalls: I have the claudette wedge, and I think it’s half a size short ‘n’ narrow.

    Comment by allison — November 12, 2008 @ 4:08 pm

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