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January 3, 2009

Feed a Fever to Get Over Flu

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Is a diet on your New Years’ resolution list? If so, you might want to think again. According to an article published by the BBC yesterday, restricting calories can seriously impede recovery from a flu virus.

Apparently mice given restricted calorie diets in a study at the University of Michigan failed to fight off the flu virus even when getting adequate vitamins and minerals. The mice on restricted diets who survived, took longer to recover and showed more symptoms than their non-restricted counterparts.

Of course the article goes on to chastise us all that we can’t leave off dieting forever…but we should save it for times when the flu is less prevelant. Yeah, I’ll get right on that diet as soon as the thaw hits. (rolls eyes)
In the meantime, I’ll enjoy yet another piece of evidence that good health and low weight are not automatically the same thing.

And I’ll enjoy all I want of the hearty, delicious beef stew I’m making for tonight’s dinner.

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