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TREE! | Manolo for the Big Girl


It’s a slow Friday.

I’ve already listened to all my interesting podcasts, I can’t be buggered to pick a fight with anyone fun, I’ve got cramps (which, despite my historically anti-candy status, would explain why I woke out of a dead sleep last night willing to barter my kingdom for a stale York Peppermint Pattie) and my feet hurt even though I’m wearing my Perfect! New! Miu Miu! Flats! (they only have the grey left, but mine are the most awesome raven’s wing blueblack with black patent cap and banding. FYI: they run nice and wide.) that I bought SPECIFICALLY so my feet won’t hurt.


Anyway, I’ve just been sitting around being Disgruntled At Things for the past few hours, but this one is stuck in my craw. I don’t even know what a craw is or where mine be located. I DO know that I don’t pay to have it waxed and that means I don’t want anything in stuck there.

ANYWAY.  Shoe trees. Why are they shoe TREES? This is not a TREE:

not a TREE

THIS is a shoe TREE:


See? Subtle but distinct difference.

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