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January 23, 2009

Shoes on Sale for the Weekend

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Via Spiga - Rouge (Merlot Suede) - Footwear

Via Spiga “Rouge”  41% off(Francesca loves them in Merlot)

Stuart Weitzman - Idol (Cashew Quasar Patent) - Footwear

Stuart Weitzman “Idol” 37% off. Available in wide widths.

Stuart Weitzman - Marsala (Cola Suede/Patent) - Footwear

Stuart Weitzman “Marsala” 29% off. Available in wide widths.

Cole Haan - Penny Air Loafer (Black) - Footwear

Cole Haan “Penny Air Loafer,” previously recommended by Manolo, 29% off.

Taryn Rose - Danya (Chocolate Camoscio) - Footwear

Taryn Rose “Danya” 48% off.

January 22, 2009

The Big Question: Gummi Bears and Cocaine Edition

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I got dem gummi junkie bluesOkay, here’s the deal. I went to a party last night at a friend’s house. It was a “Game Night” which apparently is just like a cocktail party except without cocktails.

Or happiness.

I kid.

(not really.)

I was hesitant to go because after the Drunken Bible Charades Incident of Aught Eight I placed a self-imposed moratorium on parlor games (YOU try making people guess “You are the priest of Melchizedek” in five-inch alligator sling backs after your third caipirinha. NOT THAT EASY. Although I must say all in all the folks at the seminary were VERY understanding) so as I said…hesitant…but I make it a priority to attend any party hosted by any man with a building named after him and so I went.


So anyway, there were gummi bears there. Three pounds of gummi bears. For twelve people. That’s a quarter pound of shiny German ursine confection per person (that’s right; I said ursine. You think I don’t know stuff but I KNOW STUFF OKAY) I’m not a candy person –I prefer my junk food fatty and salty, thank you– but for some reason I thought “Hey! Gummi bears! I haven’t had those in years!” and ate a handful –by which I mean two handfuls– of them.

Friends, now I remember why –aside from my annual day-after-Easter black jellybean bender–I don’t eat candy.

To explain why I’ve devised this handy little SAT-style analogy:


Y’all it was Not Good. I’m hoping to be able to blink again sometime before Saturday.

Today Miss Plumcake wants to know:

Is there a food or food group that turns you into a crazy person? If so, tell me and if there’s an embarrassing story; all the better!

Big Girls in Art: Leonard Nimoy

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Francesca knows that  this collection of photography got substantial press when it was published in 2007, but it is worth revisiting.

Leonard Nimoy is, of course, best known for playing Mr. Spock on the original Star Treck series. But the actor has always engaged in photography as well. His second collection of published photographs, titled The Full Body Project, features images of plus-size women in the nude. The photographs are respectful and sexy (not an easy balance to achieve under any circumstances).

This is a family blog (sort of), so Francesca had to pick images with great care. To see more, you can order the book here, or go to Mr. Nimoy’s web page to see many of the photographs there. (Site is Not Safe for Work!)

January 21, 2009

Psssst … RenFaire girls …

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*looks around to make sure Plumcake isn’t in earshot*

Amazon is offering a 2009  calendar with pictures from Robert Jordan’s  Wheel of Time Series. Also remember that, as we’re now in 2009, we have less than a year to wait until the scheduled publication of the final book of the series, A Memory of Light. Francesca is so excited!

*sees Plumcake approaching and smiles innocently*

So, what do you think about these boots by Roberto Cavalli? Yea or Nay?

Francesca in Love

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Francesca just received the Igigi Velvet Wrap Dress (with silk charmeuse tie), which she ordered  a while ago. Since Francesca has been traveling, she had to wait a while before being in the same city as the dress so she could try it on.

Let Francesca tell you about this dress.

The magic of Igigi is that although their clothes do not come in petite sizes, and do not always appear to be suitable for the Apple, they always fit Francesca perfectly.

Francesca is 5’1″ and very Appley. On taller folk, the dress is designed to come to just below the knee and have 3/4 sleeves (as pictured). On Francesca, the sleeves came down, quite attractively, to the wrists, and the hem fell just below the wide part of the calf. The shoulders fit perfectly. The plunging neckline ended exactly at the point just above Francesca’s bra.

And, though wrap dresses are generally an iffy proposition for Apples, this one draped perfectly. She does not know how Igigi does it.

Francesca’s mother was in the room, and said “Francesca, the dress looks like it was made for you.” The emerald green color was beautiful with Francesca’s light-red hair. (The dress also comes in black.)

The only criticism I have is that the dress should really be lined. One certainly needs to wear a good slip underneath the skirt.

It just goes to show that Apples CAN wear wrap dresses, and petites CAN sometimes wear regular sizes. Do not be afraid to experiment (especially when the dress is on sale, as this one is)!



January 20, 2009

Calling Dawn Davenport!

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Yes, this is awful.

Diane Goes Hollywood Leopard Print Chiffon Dress

but yet, it’s also kind of awesome. And I kind of really want one.

and so do you.

Oh you know I’m right. I’m always right when it comes to these things.*

I might actually have to buy this just so I can descend the stairs on Christmas morning grumbling “I better get them cha cha heels

Of course, Nice Girls Don’t Wear Cha Cha Heels, especially not these tragical Guiseppe Zanotti ones:

Guiseppe Zanotti cha cha heels

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Guido? You are responsible for two out of my top five personal collection faves –plus I’ll always love you for those fishbone heels you did last year (although I prefer them with the black satin covered heels)– but then you turn around and create some of the hottest messes this side of Beyonce’s weave. Oh and while we’re at it, don’t THINK I’ve forgiven you for THIS.

And then there’s Stuart Wietzman.

Holymoly is RIGHT.

These? These are Russian Hooker shoes. AGAIN.

I can’t blame him that he chases the ruble now and again, all designers do it; we just don’t see it here in the Western markets (although every once in a while you’ll get a pair that was mis-shipped, like the clear stiletto leg-wrap gladiator sandals with the WHITE MINK laces at my local Last Call.)

Again, I generally like Stewies.

They’re more affordable than the super-luxury brands, often come in different widths and if they’re a bit ahem, derivative (I mean, how close does it have to be to be an actual knockoff?) then so be it, because he makes up for it by giving us the legendary red quasar stiletto, a heel in a red so sexy you have to be on birth control before you’re even allowed to try it on. Pull it together, Stuart. You’re better –or at least not usually as sparkly– as this.

Oh, and you won’t believe how much these cost.  That’s a lot of borscht.

*tragic gold lamé toreador outfit notwithstanding

From Francesca’s Inbox

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Hello and happy, happy Tuesday!

Francesca has lots of news for you today!

Monif C. is hosting a “Curvy Girls at Sea” cruise to Bermuda! If you are interested in travelling with other superfantastic Girls of Generous Size, go here for details.

In other Monif C news, they have brought back the fabulous Ashantia mini dress, which Francesca knows you will rock with a pair of jeans or dress pants and superfantastic heels. Note: this dress is available only through February 6.

Saks Fifth Avenue has a large selection of Prada shoes and handbags. Mmmm…and you get free shipping on all orders, through Wednesday, with code VDAYSHIP9. 

Silhouettes will take 20% off your Shop Silhouettes and purchase if you use code S9SA08 at checkout. Also, use code S9SAH2 for free shipping on orders of $100 or more. Both codes end today.

Lane Bryant is offering a nice “gift cheque,” valid through February 3. Click here to print one to use in stores, or use code 050005895 at checkout when shopping online. Francesca notices that they have many very nice items on their clearance page, as well as in their New Arrivals. Good time to shop LB. APPLES: Dress up this pinstripe vest with superfantastic jewelry for a professional, smooth look!

Igigi will take $20 off your purchase of $150 or more with code “celebrate150”; $30 off your purchase of $250 or more with code “celebrate250”; and $50 off your purchase of $350 with code “celebrate350.” Ends tomorrow. Francesca likes their new Charlotte wraparound lace top.

Alight has added new items to their wares, very nice for the younger Big Girl. Francesca is into this peace scarf, available in an array of colors.

J.Jill has taken $10 off their new pants, available in women’s sizes. Ends today.

Coldwater Creek just started a clearance sale.

Woman Within will take 50% off your lowest-priced item if you use code WW29986 at checkout. Note that this code can be used once per purchase, so if you want, say, 4 items, split it into 2 purchases and use the code twice (but first do a cost analysis against possible increased shipping fees.)

Happy shopping!


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