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March 22, 2009

Some Hits and More Hits in the Big, Wide World

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There have been some important (and some amusing) things said in the Fatosphere over the last few days. Just in case you don’t keep up with some of the other fine blogs out there, I thought I’d share a few links with you.

If you or someone you know has taken weight-loss products recently, be certain to take a look at this list of products the FDA recently announced contain dangerous additives. Remember, if you’re going to try to lose weight, do your research before trying any program or product. Don’t be a victim of the next dangerous diet pill or supplement. Better yet, concentrate on eating delicious foods that are brimful of nutrients and forget what the scales say.

The brilliant and beautiful Kate Harding has posted a fabulous diatribe today on what plus-sized customers could really use in looking for a bathing suit. Some of the language is salty, so be warned if you’re faint of heart or reading it at work.

Well-Rounded Mama posted an interesting article about blood pressure cuff sizes during pregnancy. If you’re pregnant or considering adding to your family, please do yourself a favor and read it. This is important information that could save you from being treated for complications you don’t actually have.

Over at Big Fat Blog, the readers are gleefully taking apart a list posted at (which I will not link here, but it’s linked at Big Fat Blog if you really want to put yourself through it) on how to ‘subtly’ tell your girlfriend/wife that she’s getting fat. Feel free to come up with a list in comments here on how to subtly tell your SO that he’s becoming a grade-A douchebag about your weight.

And last but not least, Fat But Pretty has a wonderful article on how she is navigating the minefield of trying to marry while fat. I think many of us can take a tip from her decision to just continue to be herself.

There are dozens of great blogs out there filled with information and support for those of us who are more generously proportioned. If you feel I’ve missed an important or particularly entertaining one, please pass on the links. I know I would love to read more.

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  1. has been pretty bad for a long time. I remember I e-raged for days after they had an article about Sophie Dahl, and how she’d be hot if she’d just stick to a slim weight, instead of illustrating a lack of self control and getting fat.

    Comment by MissSpite — March 23, 2009 @ 6:26 am

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