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March 28, 2009

A Big Idea

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We often get emails from readers in countries where beautiful plus-size clothes are even harder to find than in the United States, asking for help. Now, two of our fashionista internet friends are taking matters into their own hands. Francesca thinks what they are doing is a great way for everyone to get high-quality clothes, meet new people and have some fashion fun – and the idea can be replicated. Kudos to our Jerusalem-based readers, Yehudit and Hadara!

This is part of the email from Yehudit:

yehudit2.JPGWe are having a sale of high-quality new and gently-used clothing, sizes 1x-5x, at my home in the Bakaa neighborhood of Jerusalem. Example of brands: Mossino, Zara, Lane Bryant, GAP, Old Navy, Bloomies, Forever 21, etc. Everything is under 100 shekels ($25 or less). I’m sending you pictures of me wearing two tops we are selling. One of them I bought from Igigi after seeing it on Manolo for the Big Girl!

Here is the background: Hadara is an artist and has been supplying top-quality plus-size clothing for a few years already, selling beautiful items that she buys at deep discounts when traveling abroad. I think she does it because there’s such a lack of cool, funky, elegant plus-size clothes here in Israel. Most of the “big sizes” look quite matronly (to be diplomatic) and look like tents.

She’s got a LOT of stock left over from her previous sales, so this is a ‘blow out’ sale for her before Passover. Last chance to get some beautiful, brand-new clothes that are top brands straight from the US.

yehudit1.JPGFor me, I have been on a journey, growing a lot, changing a lot.  I’ve begun to really take care of myself and I feel a sense of renewal and revitalization in my life. Part of that renewal is removing all the stuff I don’t wear anymore because it is the wrong size– like a Spring Cleaning & giving it to others!

They are beautiful clothes that I’m selling- really cool and professional actually, perfect for holidays, the office, etc, but for me, I’m ready to say goodbye and look forward to renewing my wardrobe next winter!

I figure “one person’s junk is another person’s gold” so if I can help other women treat themselves with my goodies, then so be it!

(The sale will take place Sunday-Wednesday March 29-31 by appointment. Anyone interested can write to me at

What intrigues Francesca about what they are doing is:

a) One woman took it upon herself to bring her love of fashion to other women in her community who need help looking good, and now another has been inspired to join in. (Francesca wishes to add that anyone seeking to import plus-size clothing into their home country to sell to others should become knowledgable about applicable customs and tax laws.)

b) They are focusing on high-quality items, in good condition. This is not a sale wherein anyone must feel sorry about buying used items, because the second-hand goods are in good condition and are made well.

c) The sale is by appointment and they are providing space to try on the clothes.

In other words, it sounds like they are selling superfantastic goods in a superfantastic, dignified atmosphere. Francesca approves!

Also, d) Francesca loves getting pictures of our readers!

Do you have a photo of yourself wearing an item you bought after seeing it on our blog? Please send it to and tell us something about yourself. It will help her feel good, and maybe she will post your picture! (if that is OK with you)

xoxo always!

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  1. LOOOOVE the cute glasses in the second photo!

    And I am a big fan of buying second hand. Let other people pay retail! I found a silk Michael Kors suit for $10 at the Junior League thrift shop in Memphis once. I didn’t even know who Michael Kors was, but I used to sew my own clothes, so I knew quality workmanship. I grabbed it, even though I don’t look good in green. Not my best decision, but would you have passed it up? I don’t think so.

    Comment by class factotum — March 29, 2009 @ 10:10 am

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