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Tip for the Weekend | Manolo for the Big Girl

Tip for the Weekend

Francesca says, instead of a reminder, today she brings you a tip!

Francesca’s Maman gave her a lovely gift of a makeup bag full of all the sample goodies which Maman had received at various department store cosmetics counters. Among the loot was a set of eye shadows in lovely shades, with the exception of a plum color which makes Francesca look like she’d been punched in the eye (!).

What to do with with the plum/mauve/pink eyeshadow that does not look good on the eyes?

We turn it into a lip shade!

Just smear a little vaseline or gloss on the lips, use the eyeshadow applicator to brush on some of the powder, and voila! You have a new lip shade for emergencies. Actually, Francesca likes this plum stuff  on her lips so much she’s been using it every day.


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