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May 20, 2009

This One’s for the Vegans!

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It’s gotta be tough being a veggie. Most shoes that are vegan-friendly aren’t vegan-friendly out of ethical responsibility but out of cheapness. So what does a stylish veggie girl do? Well there’s Stella McCartney, but she tends to be, well, extremely expensive.

Stella Cherry Platform Pump

Stella McCartney platform t-strap sandal: $1045 at Neiman Marcus.

So, if you have a thousand dollars to spend on shoes with gold cherries on them by all means spend it, but if you don’t; take a look at the shoes designed (or more likely “designed”) by Natalie Portman for the sadly shuttered Té Casan.

I hate to see a good boutique shoe company go under, but every economically depressed couture cloud has a silver lining, and the silver lining here is that you can get vegan-friendly shoes at designer-level quality for about 75% off retail. Most of these shoes are under $60 now.

Once these are gone, they’re gone so if you like it, but it now.

Te Casan Pia Ballet Flat

I do love a satin ballet slipper and these Te Casan Pia Ballet Flat are great, they remind me of a pair of Miu Mius I saw and loved a few years back but didn’t buy because although they were on sale, they were on sale for $250, and considering I wear my flats into the ground and that happens faster with fabric, I held off for a leather pair which are still going strong but need resoling. These are also available in a great pigeon blood red, although I’ve got a soft spot, naturally, for the plum.

Te Casan Picasso

I’m not a wedge girl in general, but these Picasso wedges are pretty interesting. Click on the picture to zoom and check some of the detailing. I like the brown bands on the quarter and the toe which give it some interest.

Te Casan Pippa

Red patent mary jane? This Pippa is what I’d like to call a Third Date Shoe, if you know what I mean (and I think you do.) They fall somewhere between two iconic mary janes: the Delman sweethearts worn by Marilyn Monroe  and the ones Sigerson Morrison release every few years. The Delmans I own and were $200 something and worth every penny, the SM’s are usually twice that. You’re going to DIE when you see how much the Pippas are on sale for.

Te Casan Poppy

This is Poppy.  Poppy is not The Most Exciting Shoe Ever, but every woman who wears heels needs something like this in her arsenal. This is your chance to get it –available in black patent as well– for a song.

Te Casan Polly

And now there’s Polly These are so Studio 54 they should come with their own coke spoon (stay in school, don’t do drugs) but in a fun way. I could totally see wearing this with a purple wrap dress and a lariat necklace, 3 day bender with Grace Jones optional.

Te Casan Porto

The Porto is a classic. Classic classic classic. It feels very old Givenchy to me, thought I can’t tell you why. Again, not the most exciting shoe in the world, but sometimes elegant is enough.

So there you have it. Six shoes for the animal friendly, all beautifully –and ethically– made. The rest of the Té Casan line is on sale too, but only the Natalie Portman line is veggie. Enjoy!


  1. Can anyone who’s familiar with vegan shoes tell me about the breathability of the materials from which they’re made? I’m susceptible to eczema on my feet, so I need shoes that don’t trap sweat against my skin. In other words, no vinyl of any kind. Fabric is okay, but the leather-look vegan shoes are my concern. Thanks for any info you can share!

    Comment by Chicklet — May 20, 2009 @ 12:48 pm

  2. These are all cute and I sure do love a good deal! I find great deals on super cute shoes online at Vegan Chic. They have tons of styles and they fit by budget. Everything is 100% vegan and they have lots of eco-friendly options too. Check them out at

    Comment by Jessica — May 21, 2009 @ 4:03 pm

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