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July 31, 2009

The Literary World According to Plumcake

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Normally the gig we play here is that Francesca is the smart, bookish one and I’m the popular one who happens to be kind of shallow and dim.  But that’s only partly true. Francesca IS bookish and smart, and let’s face it, I’m totally the Mean Girl at this lunch table and my shallowness knows no depths but dude, I know stuff, and not just important things like how to drink out of a glass without getting lipstick on it and how to make the perfect deviled egg, either. I know OTHER stuff.  Stuff about THINGS.

So I was happily popping away writing today’s Friday Fierceness (which will come later in the day) when I checked Francesca’s post and liketa apoplexied myself. Y’all I was mortified, MORTIFIED, at that book list. It was like those dreams I have where I’m front row at Lacroix directly across from Anna Wintour and I’m wearing Crocs and a particularly ill-conceived Renaissance festival dress.

I’m not saying those books aren’t worth reading –although some of them aren’t– but that list is howlingly, embarrassingly narrow. Unless of course you’re a middle school girl with precocious reading habits and a penchant for bonnet films, in which case, well played and by the way you might as well start hoarding cats now because we ALL know how that’s going to end. (What? Too harsh?)

Anyhoodle, I’ve decided to chalk up a little list of the 100 works –or collections of works– I think embrace the broader view of what it means to be a well-read English-speaker. You’ll forgive any gaps because I came up with it off the top of my head this morning, while sputtering like a Tourettes-afflicted kettle saying extremely uncharitable things about the state of letters today that would get me fired in a hot minute from any job I’d ever held.

How To Be Well-Read in 100 Mostly Not Boring Books –A Plumcake Joint

I’ll admit I’m probably a little Anglo-centric and weigh a bit heavy on the classics –BECAUSE YOU SHOULD KNOW THEM– and I’ve copped out with some of the Major Works because really, I think so much of it is a matter of taste. Does it really matter that I adore Bleak House but couldn’t slog through Great Expectations? No. But I’ve made an effort to include great works from around the world, not just around the home counties.

Anyway,  how many have you read? What am I missing? ( note: Catcher in the Rye is NOT missing because it suck-diddly-ucks)

Is your favorite book on here?

Feel free to facebook link to the page –not this entry– and share it as a meme with your pals.

Reading for the Weekend

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Francesca recently received this meme on Facebook, with a list of 100 books which the BBC supposedly recommends. Wherever the list may have originated, it is interesting, and Francesca found that she has read 62 books from the list.

Her favorites (in terms of light-to-medium weekend reading, be it fun or thought-provoking):

Pride and Prejudice

Little Women

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Gone With the Wind

Alice in Wonderland

The Handmaid’s Tale

Brave New World

Of Mice and Men

The Color Purple

The Five People You Meet in Heaven (Francesca admits to crying over this book)

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Watership Down (really. Do not judge a book by its summary.)

How many have you read? And which do you most recommend, for weekend reading or for the improvement of the self?What would you add to the list?

(And, come to think of it, if Francesca made a Facebook page under her Big Girl name, would you friend her? This is an idea.)

The Daily Kick: Stewie Sandals for Fat Feets Only

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Available in a size 12 only, these adorable little Stewie sandals are on sale at Neiman’s for 55% off the retail price. And saints and ministers of grace defend us, they’re NOT Gladiators!


I don’t have a problem with gladiators, but I feel their time is coming to a close.

I was fulfilling a social obligation at a club the other night on West Sixth Street. Now let me first establish that I am entirely too cool for regular Sixth Street (a street that can best be described by the phrase “Long Island Iced Venereal Disease”) much less West Sixth Street, which is the same as regular Sixth, but with male pattern baldness.

With the exception of the fortuitous meeting of a friend who works out of the country and only comes back on weekends (and around whom I threw my arms while exlaiming “I hate everyone on this street except for you” which did NOT impress his mutton-dressed-as-should’ve-thought-about-sunscreen-in-their-20’s-cougar friends) I didn’t see a single person I knew or wanted to know.

I did, however, see a LOT of gladiator sandals.  When I got to my intended destination, every single girl on the dance floor was wearing a gladiator or gladiator-adjacent sandal. I’m not indulging in hyperbole. It was every. single. one.  And they were cute for the most part but –maybe it’s just the contrarian in me– I think if EVERYONE is wearing something, that’s something I don’t want to wear.

The other thing I like about these is they’ve got just a bit of lift to them. I know a lot of girls can’t or won’t wear pancake flats, and a lot of girls can’t or won’t wear heels or wedges. I’d guess this gives about an inch, inch and a half of height which seems like a happy medium.

Isn’t it nice when we can all get together?

July 30, 2009

The Big Reminder: Dance, Dance, Dance

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Francesca asks:

Have you danced since this post appeared?


We must remedy the situation. Every body dance!

(Click on the little square-within-a-square in the lower right corner to watch full-screen. Best to turn down the sound if you are at work.)

By the way: if your bra straps are falling down a lot, it probably means they are too short. Try lengthening them, or use a strap-mate to hold them in place. Dance your pants off, not your bra! :-)

One of These Deserves to be Saved from Extinction

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Giant Freaking Squidmonster

Dreadful dress from Zaftique

…and the other one’s a dress.

Just say no to the hankie hem, gang.

The Daily Kick: Tango ’til You’re Sore

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In a continuing theme of Tom Waits:

Between the first and second iterations of Andre, I very briefly spent an entertainment with a tango instructor.  He turned out to be muy crazypants, which he thankfully revealed before I shaved above the knee, so there were no hard feelings, but I’m still a sucker for a tango shoe. On sale and available up to a size 13, these quirky t-straps by Samantarun nice and wide and will be  perfect for dancing with inappropriate men who think the ghost of Marilyn Monroe killed BOTH Kennedys.  See? Crazypants.

July 29, 2009

The Big Question: Post2K

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Plumcake, Twistie and I would like to thank all our dear readers who have been with us since the beginning: We recently passed our 2,000th post!


At this milestone, we take a moment to pause and reflect, and to ask our wonderful internet friends:

What do you love about this blog? What would you change? What keeps you coming back?

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