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Twistie’s Fourth of July Caption Madness: The Result | Manolo for the Big Girl

Twistie’s Fourth of July Caption Madness: The Result

Greetings, all!

As some of you may blearily remember, last saturday was the Fourth of July. Some of you may wish to forget the image I imposed on you that day, but here’s a reminder, anyway:

Liberty Girls

I asked for captions, and captions I got. Four of you responded to the challenge. Alas, only one can win. This week, the winner is Cassie for her amazing mind-melding abilities, since she had pretty much the same first thought about this image as I did:

After waking up on July 5th with no memories of the previous night save this photo, Lady Liberty wondered if she really wanted to celebrate the holiday with her sister, Lady Pursuit-of-Happiness, anymore.

Congratulations, Cassie, and thanks to everyone who played!

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