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September 9, 2009

Francesca’s New Stuff: Makeup

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While in New York, Francesca went to the Sephora in Times Square specifically to pick up one of the new palettes in the By Lauren Luke line (because that is the only physical store where By Lauren Luke products are currently available). Being blue-eyed, Francesca cannot so much get away with purple or green eye shadow, so she chose the My Smokey Classics collection, and the wonderful makeup artist, Chris, demonstrated all the colors on Francesca so she could confirm that it looked good, which it does. She’s a little nervous about the black liner and eyeshadow — we didn’t put that on, since it was bright daylight outside and I was heading to lunch with a friend — but the pewter, blush and lipsticks are wonderful, and the eyelid primer makes a big difference (though you can get a similar effect simply by putting some liquid foundation onto your eyelids).

The next day Francesca went back for tutorials in 1) darkening her brows, which are naturally almost invisible and 2) new options in foundations and face powders. Chris wasn’t there but the amazing Gilbert, Makeup Artist to the Stars, did up Francesca’s face in all sorts of ways so she could see the differences between the various products. She left with two items by Laura Mercier: Foundation Powder (color No. 1), which is great because Francesca tends to get lots of shine over the course of the day, and the Brow Powder Duo (in Soft Blonde), which is less of a powder than a sort of wax (apply with a lip-liner brush), but stays on all day and has a hint of the red in Francesca’s hair.

Also she purchased a new set of proper makeup brushes, without which one cannot properly apply all the beautiful eyeshadows, liners, and face powders! Truly, the right brushes matter. And so, also, at Sephora, she purchased a terrific anti-bacterial spray for her brushes, to be used daily to help remove the day’s color and to prevent infections. Once a month the brushes are deep-cleaned with a gentle shampoo.

And of course Francesca stocked up on drugstore beauty items (yes, she believes in drugstore items as long as the quality works for you; Francesca does not need to pay for fancy packaging and a lady in a white lab coat to demonstrate the products. The money she saves goes for shoes) which are either not available where she now lives, or is available at twice the price.

Francesca is so, so happy!


  1. I’ve always wondered about the “conventional wisdom” that purple eyeshadow can’t be worn by those who have blue eyes. I have blue eyes and I love what especially plummy purples do for them – they make them look a lot bluer and completely pop. And a little swipe of an iridescent lavender highlight shade for night is pretty amazing.

    I’m sure these colors don’t work for other folks with blue eyes – I think skin tone has a lot to do with it, too. (Browns look AWFUL against my skin.)

    Comment by TropicalChrome — September 9, 2009 @ 3:57 pm

  2. I just bought by mail one of the Lauren Luke palettes (My Vintage Glams) and I really like it. It’s quite a value, too, when you consider all that’s included in it. I adore the lipcolor especially (Love Bite: great name, huh?), and the eyeshadows. The eyeliner is a bit tricky for me to work: I usually use MakeUp ForEver’s black gel pencil and shape the line with a brush.

    I didn’t know about the brush cleaner/spray. I usually wash mine once a week, so I’ll check it out. And TropicalChrome is right: I think brown shadow for blue eyes, but it really depends on skin tone. My eyes are hazel and brown shadow is AWFUL on me, too.

    Comment by Mrs. Hendricks — September 9, 2009 @ 7:43 pm

  3. I ditto the wearing purple with blue eyes – it is, as with all things – all about the shade you choose & what works for you. Plum eyeliner is my default choice when I wear makeup (granted, that is very infrequent, but I have a decent amount of skill with it). It is incredibly flattering to my eyes, my skin color, etc. And in the summer, when I have a tan (ahem, my version of a tan is to stop being translucent. for about an hour. with freckles. but I digress), I break out the lavender/lilac shimmery eye shadow creme. Fabulousness!

    Comment by lizb — September 11, 2009 @ 11:29 am

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