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Good Cheer, Officially | Manolo for the Big Girl

Good Cheer, Officially

One of my favorite websites is the Institute of Official Cheer. Why? Because it’s brimful of terrifying things that make me laugh.

For instance, take the feature Meet the Dayalets. It’s a series of lessons in nutrition for children. I have no idea when this particular abomination surfaced, but here’s an example of what it looks like:

Mrs. Avoirdupois

The message may be worthwhile, but the messenger makes me want to run screaming for the proverbial hills.

Seriously, read the feature (complete with delicious, delicious sarcasm provided in generous servings by James Lileks), and then check out some of the other fine features of the site. You can enjoy The Story of Bread with Miss Sunbeam (and commentary by Mr. Lileks),  and a bit of a blast from my past, excepts from the 1973 Sears Fall/Winter catalogue.

Have a laugh. Have several. You’ll thank me later.

One Response to “Good Cheer, Officially”

  1. zuzu September 13, 2009 at 12:15 am #

    Enjoy the Institute, but don’t go anywhere near his blog or his columns. He sees terrorists in the cheese aisle and endlessly discusses his Target purchases.