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Francesca’s New Stuff: Shoes | Manolo for the Big Girl

Francesca’s New Stuff: Shoes

For those of you wondering how two raincoats, a bunch of books, and some makeup = 1.5 suitcases, it is because I packed these in their original boxes (click on photos for more info):

Comfortable and conservative, with a leather lining, for days when Francesca is on her feet for hours. These shoes will last forever.

Francesca does not usually wear such a precipitous heel, but for these she will suffer a little.

Another every-day shoe, so cute for next summer’s weekends — and currently on deep discount at Bluefly.

Also Francesca can tell you that if you need low-heeled, gold sandals –as Francesca did, to go with an outfit for a meeting with an editor at a Very Glossy Magazine — do not bother looking. Francesca searched all of Manhattan and she bought the last pair. Maybe next year.

Francesca is so happy!

One Response to “Francesca’s New Stuff: Shoes”

  1. Chiken September 15, 2009 at 10:19 am #

    All that suede and cloth! I hope it doesn’t rain where you live!