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Fashion Week: Zac Posen (P.S. I’d hit it) | Manolo for the Big Girl

Fashion Week: Zac Posen (P.S. I’d hit it)

Mr Posen turns 29 next month and much has been made of his Boy Genius stature. The shock isn’t that he’s a young designer, the shock was that he’s a young designer who makes sophisticated clothes. Looking back on his 2002 collection, I’m shocked by two things: one, how much bigger the models were –there were more fours than zeros on the runway– and the sophistication of his clothes. Now, with the confidence of nearly two dozen collections behind him, his creativity has become more playful. They’re fun, poppy, and above all BRIGHT.

I love brights on big girls, when used in unusual –but not vulgar– ways. posen1.jpg

As you might have noticed, I’m having a major moment with this particular hue of screaming yellow. This will definitely show up on Mrs O. later –lengthened, of course– so be on the look out for similar items in our size range come spring.


We haven’t seen sheer colored tights for a while, and I’m not sure if I’m on board in application as much as I am in theory, but I do love colored tights and am pleased to announce We Love Colors has a mind-boggling selection of colored tights to fit almost every body.


I just love Alek Wek. Besides, how often do you get models who are older than their designers?


Want. Muppet. Jacket.


This look KILLS me, I’m going to try monkeying around with a similarly colored Hermès and necklace to create that halter, and then top it with a dinner jacket. I think I’d rather have a traditionally cut trouser with a folded embellishment rather than the jodhpur pockets, but I love the head-to-toe color.


I’m not that wild about the dress, but Zac Posen is quite the dish. I’d take him over the buff and buffed Tom Ford or Marc Jacobs any day.

2 Responses to “Fashion Week: Zac Posen (P.S. I’d hit it)”

  1. Lisa September 24, 2009 at 6:27 pm #

    That halter look is fantastic. That color is glorious, and even though I am against the embiggening jodhpur pockets on principle, I like the overall concept very much. He is quite cute, but I am pretty sure I have undergarments that are older than him.

  2. slownews September 25, 2009 at 10:27 am #

    Tom and Marc are the male versions of the over-groomed cougar. This young one? Yes, please. And a side of Olivier Theyskens. Thank you very much.