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News Items of Interest | Manolo for the Big Girl

News Items of Interest

Catherines plus-size clothing is conducting their “real women model search.” The deadline for entries is November 30 via their Web site. The prizes  include an exclusive 2-year contract with Dorothy Combs Models Inc.

The Mad Fashionista was included in a recent New York Daily News article about people who wish to be on reality television (her dream, she says, is to have a show called “You Have No Taste”).  Her blog is here. The Daily News article is here. Francesca loves the photo of the Fashionista from the paper’s print version:

The Mad Fashionista and Bucky the Wonderdog.

The Mad Fashionista and Bucky the Wonderdog.

Igigi is creating the little You Tube presence for itself (link to IgigiTV channel here). Check out the short film they produced with Brazilian plus-size model Fluvia Lacerda:

The dress she is wearing is called “Ferrera,” and is available here.

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