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November 16, 2009

Big Girls in Art: Lady At Large

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Francesca wishes to point you to the superfantastic Etsy artist and seller, LadyAtLarge. Francesca loves supporting the living artists!

The Big Mermaid!

The Big Mermaid!

The artist writes of her work:

This art is to celebrate the larger female form. Not to treat it as a joke but to show that fat women are as beautiful as their thinner sisters, despite what the media might try to tell us.

As a fat girl myself I get sort of tired of FAT being thought of as a four letter word, when so clearly it has only three. ;)

The Big Girl in Turquoise Panties!

The Big Girl in Turquoise Panties!

This is entitled Rose for a Lady

This is entitled "Rose for a Lady"

Francesca loves that so many of the paintings are of Apple-shaped women, like Francesca. It is not often that the belly of the Big Girl is celebrated in all its roundness!

Note that LadyAtLarge has made a series of $5 bookmarks. Since Francesca has no more wall space, she may buy these.

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