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December 1, 2009

Yes, No, Maybe: Sydney’s Closet Prom Dresses

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As anyone who was paying attention yesterday knows, through the end of today you can get any of the beautiful plus-size prom, wedding, cocktail, and other formal dresses from Sydney’s Closet at 30% off, with code THANKS09 (for orders of $99 or more).

In general the whole site is a “yes,” depending on your style and the occasion. Francesca only wishes that their site for “modest prom dresses” did not mean “we have added itty bitty sleeves. Buy formal gloves.” Some girls (and women) wish for the longer sleeves!

Anyhow, for today’s “Yes, No, Maybe,” Francesca is assuming you are a 17-18 year-old girl who seeks a floor-length gown.


Francesca likes the Art Deco bodice and the unusual bronze color, for the stately girl who wishes for a mature look.

Simple and elegant, this style will flatter any figure. (Please, do your hair up and wear beautiful jewelry!)

For the young girl attracted to the Princess options. The deep hues of this dress keep it just this side of sickly-sweet toilet-paper-cover territory. Francesca loves this rich garnet color (but stay away from the Tea Rose).


There is a wonderful time for this dress, and it is at the Renaissance Faire, not at the prom. EXCEPTION: If you are the superfantastic Goth Girl of Irony, and you wear this dress in black (it comes in 7 colors), because your mother insisted on a bouffant skirt, Francesca will smile at your stamp of the individuality and adherance to the letter of the law.

The yellow dress is fine, but the safari print? Just no. On an 18-year-old, this dress will look either skanky or too “out there” for the prom.

GENERAL NO:  Any dress that requires constant tugging to remain on you. Strapless gowns should fit perfectly; the yanking action every five minutes is not good. When in doubt, buy a dress with straps, or sew on pretty ones yourself.


Francesca can imagine this dress doing well on the superfantastic shorter girl with the very sweet personality, somone who can fill it with all the happiness and cuteness it evokes. But on the taller girl, or the more somber girl, it will just seem too 80’s.

Have a superfantastic time planning for your prom! xoxo


  1. I think I had the green dress, only in something close to a French blue. I loved it! Silver shoes, simple but pretty jewelry, and hair down and in curls (I have too much hair to put it up comfortably)… Simple and classic enough that looking back on it I don’t think “GEEZ I WORE WHAT?!?”

    Comment by Jenny — December 2, 2009 @ 1:58 am

  2. The green dress, while a gorgeous color, looks very “early 90s bridesmaid” to me. It could be the lack of styling in the photograph, though.

    However, I’m totally agree on the white dress.

    Comment by ChloeMireille — December 2, 2009 @ 10:44 am

  3. I love the choices for the Yes portion. I’d definitely wear the green dress… though I think I’m too short for it.

    For the Maybe dress, I think I could pull it off. I think it’s soooo cute!!!! Maybe paired with some nice shoes….


    Comment by All Women Stalker — December 2, 2009 @ 10:59 am

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