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August 2, 2010

The Monday…Notness?

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Well! I just don’t even know what to say. We only got two submissions for the Monday Hotness from you guys, and one of them violated the terms and conditions, so I guess I’m going to have to cancel Christmas! Whatever shall we do?!


  1. Don’t look at me. My husband and one of our cats were featured last round of Monday hotness. I have done my part.

    Comment by The gold digger — August 2, 2010 @ 3:31 pm

  2. I was going to submit my super-hot husband, but was hoping we’d have some wedding pics back before the submit date ended. Ah, well.

    Here’s him, BTW, totally SFW:

    Comment by Elizabeth — August 2, 2010 @ 3:39 pm

  3. Oh no! I sent my husband in, did it violate the TOC? I didn’t think there was any possible way it could! I had hoped he would make it in…

    Comment by BrieCS — August 2, 2010 @ 4:08 pm

  4. Oh lord. Let me dig up some mens.

    Comment by GoP — August 2, 2010 @ 6:22 pm

  5. I sent The Stonecutter in for the last round, sorry. I’d send in my newly single and utterly adorable (almost 6 feet tall, speaks English, French and Japanese, cochlear implant, very fit) little brother, but he’s a bit bashful, so I doubt he’d consent.

    Comment by La Petite Acadienne — August 2, 2010 @ 7:00 pm

  6. On its way!!

    Comment by Heather — August 2, 2010 @ 8:00 pm

  7. Sorry, no man to submit here. I’m in the middle of a throw down with yet another yankee bufoon. These men are NOT SOUTHERN and have no idea how to act or treat a woman from Texas. Oh the games…

    Comment by Melissa — August 2, 2010 @ 9:28 pm

  8. Would a butch lesbian suffice? If so, I can send in my partner, but as the contest rules stand, she’s currently not eligible. :)

    Comment by Kate — August 2, 2010 @ 10:06 pm

  9. If I sent one of my little brother’s underwear modeling photos would that count? They’re already public, after all. (Sadly, my man feels about the same way about photos of him as I do of me, and I don’t see permission coming from that front.)

    Comment by daisyj — August 2, 2010 @ 10:52 pm

  10. I really wanted to send in the youtube video of my guy dancing at ACL last year (2 words: Jazz Hands), but he vetoed in a big way once he figured out that I was serious. But it’s awesome and I am sorry I cannot spread that particular little moment of joy around.

    Comment by mywhimsey — August 2, 2010 @ 11:26 pm

  11. How am I supposed to get my shopping done if there’s no catalogue?

    Comment by raincoaster — August 3, 2010 @ 12:36 am

  12. These men are NOT SOUTHERN and have no idea how to act or treat a woman from Texas.

    My husband did not pay for our first date. I was gobsmacked. I had lived in Memphis for six years when we met and in The South, the man pays. Even on a blind date, which should have special rules.

    The CEO of my company and his 6’4″ aide de camp were in Memphis from New York. I got stuck in the elevator with them. I kept my lips pressed together, not wanting to say anything that would ruin my career. (Ha. Little did I know.)

    When the elevator stopped and the door opened, the ADC almost knocked me over getting out of the elevator first. I turned to the CEO, my jaw dropping. He smiled and gestured for me to leave before him. I wanted to say to the ADC, “You are in THE SOUTH. Rudeness might be acceptable in New York City, but not here.”

    Comment by The gold digger — August 3, 2010 @ 9:07 am

  13. Oh, please. New Yorkers are brusque, not rude, though you may not be able to tell the difference if you’re a delicate flowuh. And I ride elevators every day in this city and I’ve never had anything like that happen. Maybe Mr. ADC was rude, but the CEO wasn’t; why is it you’re generalizing New Yorkers’ behavior from the rude one, but not the polite one?

    As for the date-paying thing, there are no hard-and-fast rules, nor should there be. I always offer to pay, because I don’t want to feel greedy or obligated, but I’m often firmly turned down. I’d find it awfully presumptuous to expect a man to pay. Besides, you may have been gobsmacked, but you married the guy, didn’t you? He must have had some redeeming qualities, even for a Yankee.

    Comment by zuzu — August 3, 2010 @ 7:01 pm

  14. Oh, Goldie, I know just what you mean. Culturally we are night and day here, and I still – three years later – take the rudeness personally. The behaviors are surprising to me, but I’m finding out that my responses are equally surprising to them. I’m not a game player, if you want to talk to me you will, if you don’t then you won’t. More than one date has told me afterward that they actually expect some kind of drama from a woman to keep their interest. Talk about gobsmacked…

    So now the new rule is that I shall treat you the exact way you treat me – because that certainly must be how you’d like to be treated. No phone call, email, text for 6 days? Ok. No problem. Ugh… games…

    Comment by Melissa — August 3, 2010 @ 9:52 pm

  15. “Sorry, no man to submit here. I’m in the middle of a throw down with yet another yankee buffoon. These men are NOT SOUTHERN and have no idea how to act or treat a woman from Texas. Oh the games…”

    OMG, @Melissa, you have just identified my problem – a dating history full of New Englanders. Bless your heart! If it makes you feel better, they don’t know how to treat northern women, either.


    Comment by Jophiel — August 4, 2010 @ 10:18 am

  16. “Oh, please. New Yorkers are brusque, not rude, though you may not be able to tell the difference if you’re a delicate flowuh.”

    It’s a regional manners thing, zuzu. In Texas, being brusque IS rude (actually, in most places, being brusque is rude, because that’s what the word MEANS…but I’m working with you here).

    We Texans are not a brusque people. We’re The Friendly State, actually. I don’t think anyone would consider Texans to be…uh, delicate flowuhs. Have you ever SEEN a longhorn? But we value different things here, like how to be incredibly mean without saying anything impolite and being hospitable.

    Comment by Lina — August 4, 2010 @ 4:20 pm

  17. Oh, sorry, I thought all the fluttering about how to treat a Southern woman and the well-I-nevers indicated a delicate sensibility.

    Personally, I find being “incredibly mean” to be the height of rudeness, indeed unfriendliness, even if one does it with a smile and no impolite words; if you’re going to be mean, you might as well be open about it. But I guess I have different notions of decency and civility. It’s a regional manners thing, I suppose.

    Comment by zuzu — August 4, 2010 @ 7:39 pm

  18. Oh, bless your sweet heart.

    When I wrote about being incredibly mean, I meant “telling someone they’re a jackass.” People who aren’t from here can see the politeness thing as being “fake”, but it’s a language we all understand. If I say “Oh, you can’t help it.” you KNOW I’m insulting your mental state…why by even ruder by being more blunt about it, which would imply that you’re also too stupid to pick up on the subtleties of it?

    There’s a sliding scale of meanness, and just because you can go higher doesn’t mean the situation calls for it, wouldn’t you agree?

    Comment by Lina — August 5, 2010 @ 12:40 am

  19. Just because I can’t believe nobody else mentioned it…
    @Elizabeth: Super-hot indeed!

    Comment by Jana — August 6, 2010 @ 5:14 pm

  20. Being mean isn’t impolite if you do it properly, the way Oscar Wilde and Jonathan Swift did. Swift said, “A gentleman is someone who never offends unintentionally” or words to that effect.

    Comment by raincoaster — August 7, 2010 @ 3:30 am

  21. Um, I would like to ask ‘La Petite Acadienne’ how old is your brother exactly and are you sure he would object to a picture? (I’m learning japanese you see, and I was looking for a tutor ;)

    Comment by MissSydney — August 9, 2010 @ 9:30 pm

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