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‘Tis the Season for the Bollywood Hopeful | Manolo for the Big Girl

‘Tis the Season for the Bollywood Hopeful

Bollywood/Hollywood – My favorite English-language Bollywood film. Not that Monsoon Wedding isn’t great, but I love the tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the traditional Indian family and the plucky –not helpless with a thin veneer of pluck– heroine. If Frank Capra directed modern-day bollyflicks, I think you’d get something like this.

Guerlain Terracotta Kajal Intense Indian Kohl – You can’t do South Asian Glam without kohl eyeliner and lots of it. Unfortunately, applying loose kohl powder is challenging to even the most seasoned paint-slinger. The application itself isn’t that hard, but controlling the fall down (the bits of powder left on your cheek) is messy business. Guerlain, whose kohl products are excellent, makes a cream kohl with the incredible intensity of a powder and it’s safe for use on the waterline.

Sandalwood Amber Sheet Spray
– As a lover of perfume and all things fragrant it’s no wonder I’m drawn to Indian culture. Everything, from the food to the temples to the clothes to the bedroom, is heavily –often gloriously– scented. Keep a sachet of cardamom pods in your pillows and spray your sheets with sandalwood and you’ll drift off to sleep (or whatever else you do in bed) like an Indian queen.

Linden Earrings from Kendra Scott – More is always more. These earrings –glam but still wearable without looking costumey– are the most.

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2 Responses to “‘Tis the Season for the Bollywood Hopeful”

  1. Toby Wollin December 22, 2010 at 11:27 am #

    Those earrings make me want to go out and get a long dress just to wear with them. And NOT black.

  2. Tiff December 22, 2010 at 7:54 pm #

    You know, I’ve been taking Bollywood dance classes for a couple of years now, and finally figuring out how to let a little Bollywood creep into my look without looking like, well, a white girl trying to play dress-up as an Indian girl. In other words, trying to avoid the Michaele Salahi look. So this makes me squee just a little. Love those earrings. Still learning to wear black eyeliner without looking like a heroin addict. But these things take practice. ;)