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Reminder About Comments | Manolo for the Big Girl

Reminder About Comments

Hey gang! Just a few quick reminders about comments:

Reminder the first: Keep it clean.

Profanity gets caught in Ye Olde Fpam Filter (the fpam joke would’ve gone over better in a different font, don’t you think?) which means I have to go wading into the deepest darkest recesses of Increase Your Pleasure Pencil Ask Me How to rescue your comment because you dropped an F-bomb, IF I even remember to do it.

Reminder the second: Think Hemingway, not Faulkner.

Do I want to read your beautifully-penned thousand-word treatise on whatever nonsense dribbled its way out of my frontal lobe on any particular day? Yes, yes I do. Do I want to read it in my comments section? Not even a little.

If you’ve got a lot to say about a particular subject I absolutely want to hear about it, but I’m not approving comments longer than the Gettysburg address. So if your comment rings in anywhere over 266 words, either email me the comment –I promise I read them– or post it on your own blog and link to your post in a short comment. I especially encourage email because that way it might make its own post.

Reminder the Third: Short shorts OR long socks. Never both.
Unless your CV includes the title Roller Derby Queen or Nobel Laureate you’ve got to pick one or the other. No exceptions.

Sorry, Comments are Closed.

You'll have to take it up with the author...