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Flat Month: Corso Como Grass Green Slippers | Manolo for the Big Girl

Flat Month: Corso Como Grass Green Slippers

Corso Como offers its “Festive” slipper in several shades, but I like these green jobbies the best.

4 Responses to “Flat Month: Corso Como Grass Green Slippers”

  1. lazydaisydays July 20, 2011 at 1:34 am #

    Am I the only one who sees all of these (admittedly beautiful) flats and immediately thinks about how unsupportive most of these styles are to the shape of the human foot?

    Maybe it’s my high arches, but I have a devil of a time wearing (at least not for any length of time) these kinds of super-flat shoes that also lack any kind of insole contour. May I humbly put in a request for some arch-support love during Flat Month?

  2. bookgirl July 22, 2011 at 1:38 am #

    I have arthritic knees, and recently read a very interesting study on what kind of shoes are easiest on said A.K. Contrary to expectation, the hard soled arch support/clogs were the worst, while bare feet, flat shoes with very flexible soles and flip flops were the easiest on the knees. So I think maybe a pair of these may be in my future (though i prefer the violet).

  3. SarahDances July 22, 2011 at 7:56 am #

    @lazydaisydays Holla from your girl with plantar fasciitis! I just buy arch inserts in bulk, and put them in shoes as needed. I don’t know if I can post links here, but the ones I get are made by Profoot, called “Triad.” They’re inexpensive, and only extend to the ball of the foot, so don’t cramp your toes. Way easier than trying to find cute shoes that also keep my feet happy.

  4. lazydaisydays July 23, 2011 at 9:09 pm #

    @SarahDances, thank you! I’ll have to check those out.