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June 19, 2012

Blog Recs!

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Hey gang! You can’t keep a good girl down (or a bad one to shut up) so I’m back with a quick link. I know many of you are gnashing your teeth, rending your garments and pulling out hanks of healthy, manageable hair from the knowledge you’re going to be deprived of your beloved Miss Plumcake for a few days, so if you want some actual insightful, meaningful, high-quality journalism to tide you over until I can provide you with the my trademark overwrought vapidity in the quantities you know and love, might I suggest you follow my squealing fangirl path over to Bitch Media to read J. Victoria Sanders’ Lady Business series.

You can read her latest entry here. Yes, the opening line is slightly ticklish since I’m not entirely sure the gender revolution can happen as long as a feminine hygiene product is an insult. Other equal-opportunity cleansers don’t get the same bad rap, neither do masculine products, so there must be something about that particular product that implies undesirability and I’m going to step out on a rather sturdy branch and guess it has less to do with its fundamental dangers for your personal flora and fauna and a whole lot to do with its association with those scary, scary pay grade differentiators, the original hearts of darkness: vaginas. (There’s a sentence I bet Joseph Conrad never envisioned).

She also has a blog, Single and Happy, that is #3 on my daily reading list, right after Dirty Tackle and right before the Anglican news wire. But hey, being nestled between David Beckham and The Archbishop of Canterbury isn’t too bad a place to be, right?

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  1. Are you asking us to share some good blogs? Or just recommending. I am stalker of Largehearted Boy–I never fail to read it, every single day, or the Paris Review blog. Also lurve Aquarium Drunkard, but I tend to save those up.

    Comment by Lisa in SoCal — June 21, 2012 @ 10:46 am

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