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November 4, 2009

No and no.

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Dear Purchasers for Large Chain Stores catering to Plus-Size Customers:

Apparel made of velour is not “stylish” and cannot be made so.

It is not a “must-have for fall,” or for any other season.

It certainly is not appropriate for festive holiday celebrations.

It is not the same as velvet, even if it has a “velvety feel.”

Velour is cheap-looking on anyone, and, on large women, reinforces the stereotype that we are sloppy and lazy.

The only people who should be wearing velour are joggers, high-school gym teachers, people going to sleep on a very cold night, and, occasionally, dancers.

That is all.





This dress looks pretty in the picture, but trust Francesca, in person it is a No.

This dress looks pretty in the picture, but trust Francesca, in person it is a No.





September 10, 2009

Francesca’s New Stuff: Raincoats

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Francesca does not remember what happened to her last raincoat. Did it get lost? Did she bring it to the dry cleaner in one country or another and forget about it? Was it stolen? She has no idea. But one cannot live the whole winter with just a wool coat (as gorgeous as it is) and a wool jacket (as handsome and utilitarian as it is). One needs a little something for warm, rainy days. Something like this:

Gallery Trapeze Coat is sort of like the one Francesca bought, and is available at Nordstrom in sizes 1x – 3x.

And this:

All-weather raincoat with removable lining by London Fog, available at Nordstrom in sizes 1x – 3x for $148, or for less than half that at physical Burlington Coat Factory stores, in the plus-size aisles.

Francesca is so happy.

November 10, 2008

The Inbox Rebellion

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. . .well, a marathon, really.

Francesca has so many codes and sales to tell you about, it is too much for one post, or even two. So, please keep checking here throughout the day! Francesca will be busy!

Buckle your seatbelts . . . here we go . . .

There are many classy new plus-size items available from Liz Claiborne, such as this houndstooth cardigan, sold in three color combinations in sizes 1x, 2x, and 3x.

Also check out the recently-reduced new arrivals. Francesca likes this deep-purple raincoat and, for work, this black shift dress.

Nordstrom is having a sale on clothing for women and kids, including 6 different, gorgeous coats available in sizes 1x, 2x, and 3x

The trench coat pictured is marked down 40%! Francesca also likes this 3/4-length sleeve plaid wool coat. Cozy and stylish, and 40% off.

ENDING TODAY: Get free shipping at Silhouettes by entering code S8HV04 at checkout. ALSO, ending tomorrow: Get a free (very sweet) cosmetic bag and matching coin purse with your order at Silhouettes with code S8FU08. HOWEVER – you can not use both codes at once. It is one or the other.

Francesca has been perusing the Accessories section at Silhouettes, and is planning to buy this beautiful black georgette shawl, and possibly this large leather tote bag to serve as the airplane carry-on item.

Happy shopping, and see you later!


September 12, 2008

Rain Coat for the Big Girl

Once again, an internet reader pleads to Francesca for help!

The weather has been tres hot and humid all summer in DC, and I have been happy to rock my sleeveless shirts, skirts, and bare legs for several months now. So it came as a surprise to me this morning when I exited my apartment building into somewhat chilly air. Fall is almost upon us! This means no more bare legs (a TRAGEDY, but I’ll have to cope with that one on my own), and it also means coats will again be necessary. I have a fabulous coral-colored rain coat that I have gotten several good years out of. But it’s now looking rather shabby and I’m ready to move on to something else. So far, though, I haven’t been able to find a rain/fall coat that is anywhere near perfect. I need it to survive in the rain, and be a light coat – a very thin lining or none at all. I like making a statement with my coats – no black, grey, or brown for me. I loved the vibrant coral color of my last one, and would love to find something in pink, red, green, purple, blue, or a print. And I would like it to be trench-coat (knee) length. I’m size 18-20, vaguely pair-shaped (ie slightly bigger on the bottom, but mostly in proportion). Lastly, making my request the most difficult, I can only spend $100 – preferably less.

I know if anyone can help me, Francesca can. Please perform that voodoo that you do!


Francesca is so very happy to help the Jen, though she is somewhat perplexed by the reference to voodoo. Francesca does not practice the dark arts. She prefers to think of herself as the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz, the beautiful and radiant Glinda, who will now tap her starry wand onto Jen’s bowed head and grant her the wish of the wonderful fall coat.

Behold! It is a purple trench coat which will enliven the gray fall days of the Jen and sparkle with every step! It is available in sizes 14-28 and costs less than 90 of the American dollars!

Avenue will not allow me to post a direct link. Just go to, click on “apparel” and then “coat shop,” and then on to “double breasted patent trench coat.”

Or, click here for a nice raincoat from Land’s End, one which is less fun-and-flirty than our purple design here, but perhaps lighter-feeling and more reliably waterproof – and it is available in a happy, happy shade of light blue. (Be sure to click on “plus sizes” to get the correct list of sizes for the Big Girl!)

Happy fall!



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