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July 22, 2010

The Hot Boy Speaks

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“It takes me more time to explain to a bigger girl why I like her than it does for me to hook up with a skinny chick.”

This from a friend who wouldn’t be remotely out of place in a Calvin Klein underwear billboard and whose preference is for bigger women.

He went on to explain that big girls often don’t believe he’s interested, or suspect he’s up to something. Now I don’t want to belabor the whole self-worth is tied to the men you can attract nonsense, because that way madness lies, but I do find it interesting that big women are –at least in my pal’s experience– less likely to believe a regulation hottie’s motives are pure (or at least not mean-spirited) than a thin girl.

What’s up with that?

As I wrote years and years ago, there are a lot of ways to get self-esteem, and none of them come by injection, but I hate to see a big girl tossing away the attention of a potentially great guy because she deems out of her league.

So where does it come from?

We’ve all heard of “dog parties” or “pig parties” where hot guys find the least-desirable women they can find in some sort of weird competition. However I have never been to a pig party, I have never known anyone who’s been to a pig party. I think they’re more the domain of urban legend and Very Special Episodes than reality, but it’s a boogie man for many big girls.

I’ll admit to being perhaps more suspicious with the Abercrombie and Fitch types –particularly the young ones– than with your more run o’ the mill fellas, not because I don’t believe they’re attracted to me, but because fat women, rightly or wrongly, are often known for their, uh, ease of virtue and I’m just not that kind of girl so I make it known in no uncertain terms that if he thinks his eight-pack will help him get All Up In This with anything approaching ease, he’s got another think coming. I don’t do cheap and cheerful in any respect.

Is it fair? Maybe not. What are your experiences?

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